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    So, as the NotM has beginned again and lots of new players around, i desided to write a basic guide on mining. I have mined for nearly 2 years so i know quite a lot about thing or two, so here i will tell my view about mining and how to start.

    1. General mining info

    Mining is a Entropia Universe profession, where you use tools to seek ores and enmatters from ground. Best way to learn mining is to mine, and in this guide i will give advice how to mine smart and how to minimise your losses.
    Ore or enmatter?
    Difference between ore and enmatter is the price of 1 drop. On ore mining 1 bomb is 1ped and on enmatter 1 probe is 0.5ped. So for beginner with low fund i suggest to start with enmatter, and when you have enough money you can switch to ores.

    2. Equipment

    First of all, you will need to purchase mining tools. To mine, you will need a finder and a excavator. Finder is used to drop bombs and probes which will find the minerals, and excavator will dig up the minerals you have found. Here is the tools i suggest you start:

    For ores:
    Ziplex Z1 OreSeeker ---------------> 2.4PED
    Genesis Star Earth Excavator ME/01 -> 2.0PED
    Omegaton seismic bomb

    For enmatter::
    Ziplex Ju10 MatterSeeker ----------> 1.8PED
    Genesis Star Energy Extractor EE/01 -> 2.4PED
    Omegaton surveying probe

    Additional equipment:
    Refiner is used to process the ore/enmatter to more tight form, allowing it to be used in crafting, and also refining makes mineral ligher, so i suggest purchasing refiner.


    Amplifier is an attachment to your finder, which will increase your claim size, but also increases your cost of one drop. I suggest minimun lvl of ~5 before even considering amps.

    3. Your first mining run

    Now you have your equipment, and its time to head to the field and try your luck. In my opinion around Port Atlantis is excellent place to start, and especially for enmatter the beach south from PA is rich with minerals.
    Basicly what you do, is you start running and dropping bombs/probes. The gap between drops should be about 100m, you can check the meters by pressing p, and after few drops you start to get the good amount of time to wait before another drop.
    When you get a claim, you will get a claim like one below. Claim states the depth of the find, size and the type of resource found.

    Finder will have arrows indicating the way where claim is, and when you find it you will equip your excavator and use it to drill up the resource. Once the claim is empty, it will disappear.

    You should do minimum of at least 30-40 drop runs, since you get more steady returns with longer runs. Also, you should try different places so you will learn where is good to mine, and stick to the good places. Once you have maxed the finder, you can move to bigger one.

    4. Strange signal

    After dropping a bomb, your finder may tell that strange signal has been picked up, meaning that a robot ship has landed nearby.


    When you follow the arrows, you will find a robot ship guarded by few drones. If you are unable to fight the drones, its adviced you ask for help from society of friends. Once the drones are down, you will need to press a red button on the side of the ship, and you will receive 50ped worth of Robot Residue, and with luck you may even loot a robot beacon wich is quite valuable.

    Good luck to all miners out there, i hope this helped.

    If any suggestions, dont hesitate to post so i can make this a better guide :)
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  2. Now if only I can find a guide on good areas to mine in.
    But I guess if there was one, it'd quickly become useless because it'll get swarmed with people.

    Sigh... guess I'll have to do a lot of TP Runs.
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  3. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    If you would tell your finder and skills i can help with places too :)
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  4. I shall be taking you up on that offer, I will let you know what I have in game as outside of it I have no idea :).
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  5. Well I just recently maxed MF-101, and I have ~140 surveying, ~170 drilling, ~50 geology.
    Just taking a break from trading because I have a lot of Rutol in auction atm (A lot by 333 :D)
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  6. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    My suggestion is, that you switch back to TT finder, and mine Port Atlantis swamp and the beach south from PA.
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