Mining near steep slopes - waste of probes/ bombs?

Discussion in 'Professions and Skills' started by Xandra, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    guess I'll make you laugh now about me. But I was absent quite some time since the introduction of CE2, and haven't found much info about my topic. And I concede that my searching skill is quite low.

    OK, what's the problem?

    I quite often get a message now that "I cannot mine in this area", especially in steeper areas. This is new.

    And I cannot help to suspect lower hit rates when mining in steeper areas. This is new, too.

    I'm a mountain miner from my very beginning in mining, ages ago. I always mined the mountains, and often spent literally hours to finally get a III lyst, up this steep slope.

    My suspicion:

    Might it be that now there are "tiles of land" that are too steep to mine ("You cannot mine here"), but that as well cannot have claims on them?

    So that we, dropping a bomb/ probe and have such a "tile" within the search range of our finder, effectively would waste some of the range? Because we'd never find anything on those "tiles"?

    Since I came back I had not a single claim in hard to reach areas. Something that was daily bread to me before, pre-CE2. I found some complaints about such claims shortly after the change, but none later.

    What do you think about it? Any insights?

    Thanks, and have fun!
  2. Nobatti

    Nobatti Guest

    I've not had "cannot mine" at steep slopes, but haven't had many slope finds that I can recall. I have observed though some cannot mine situations very near certain objects like large trees which I take to be indicating there is a larger non-minable object under me like a "rootball". I know this rootball thing from having been spawned underground and having seen one. So, maybe there is a nonminable rock or something else too
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  3. Hi,

    this is interesting. Might be that my "You cannot mine here" experiences are resulting from such "rootballs" or unminable objects, too. Will have to check next time.

    Remains the question of "unclaimable" areas, might they be in slopes, or occupied by objects. The existence of such would be something to consider, because it would reduce the chances of a "hit" when dropping a bomb/ probe.

    Any information about this would be welcome! Thank you!

    Have fun!
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