Mission for Muscovite - The Story of a Calypsian Refugee Part 6

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Thorn, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Thorn

    Thorn Proud CND Baby

    Today was a long quest to try and acquire some muscovite the old fashioned way. With gun in hand! My friend and I scoured the continent from top to bottom with not a crystal to be found. Unlucky perhaps. Defeated? Never! After hunting the other ??? mob A.K.A. Chimera to gather some resources we headed back south to wreak mass destruction on all manner of papoo. I am surprised there are any left. Yet our prize eluded us. A small crystal so hard to come by. But we managed to drown our sorrows in the spent oil of the Portal Guardians and recover some of our dignity and investment in our quest. Note to the papoo. Look out because we will be back!

    After returning to town for a little r&r I met up with our other friend to commiserate about the whole Time Travel Crystal subject. I was one of those that Sebastian, the papoo who gives the mission to recieve a blueprint for the actual crystal, will not talk to. Apparently not all colonists are created equal. I surely thought papoo would know better than that seeing how many types of them there are. But not to be left out my friend was kind enough to give me one of the blueprints. For now it can only serve as a shopping list of sorts. Perhaps one day it will serve as the catalyst for sending someone back in time.

    Once again another interesting day in paradise that leaves more questions than answers. But for the determined and inquisitive answers are the reward by which we are motivated on a daily basis.
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