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Discussion in 'ROCKtropia' started by sherwood, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. After some years of vacation and came back to Entropia and I'm doing a "Grand Tour" of all planets.

    In these days I'm on ROCKtropia. I was there at very beginning of his history and came back just once I think. At that time I did all the "noobs noobs noobs club" missions and had the Cellphone, CND Guestpass and few other things. I red somewhere that to start all the missions chains about zombies you have to speak with LT Funk. I tried but I reiceve instant death.
    I tried to remake the "Mobile phone" mission but even if I received another Cellphone and another Guestpass. I cannot make all the passages this time like talk with Big Boy to help the drunk guy or give the drink to Cynthia.
    All the mission brokers in BAMF HQ and generally in zombie area won't talk to me.
    Some other brokers like Diesel Rose, CPT Franic won't talk to mee too.

    I'm a bit lost
  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    i dont log in much these days, but there is usually someone in the rocktropia chat channel. It is the friendliest channel in the game and good people there always willing to help with the local stuff.

    Did you repair your phone? If I remember right there is a guy out on the road infront of the club that will repair it for you, maybe his name was mobile mike?
  3. I was hoping that you do such thread, but true you seem away from the game/RT since a while.

    To add to missions Threads :

    Sources :
    this 2nd link says "have a ROCKTropia record on you or she will not give the mission" but i did not need anything to get the next missions.
    (unless I had and did not notice) as I saw this today when I writte this post.


    NPC Kristi / 135305 - 89411

    Kill 100
    Reward : Concentration 0.09 PED, or Perception 0.26 PED, or Alertness 0.17 PED

    Kill 500
    Reward : Handgun 1.31 PED, or Rifle 1.31 PED, or Longblades 1.31 PED

    Kill 1000

    well, when i go back RT and finish it

    RT IS GREAT, Mindark removed and destroyed all cool stuff from caly, well with the "new mindark" with his new CEO with fantastic uber giantic megatronic Integrity, where honnestly I NEVER SAW so many cheats and exploits.

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  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

  5. I only started it, useful should come with the rest of the community getting there.
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  6. I like the .rocks extension. Ties-in with what the site is about very well!
  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    nice video that one. I like how it tells a story. I miss my oranges... :cry2:
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  8. Great vid and great rhythm! Reminds me yet again of how much of EU's early past I missed out on. There seems to have been more buzz about Entropia then than there is now.
  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Well there might be similar (at least to this particular example) again. There were several videos put out with this song as it was licenced for use in a competition to make videos to promote the game ahead of the CE2 launch. MA did their own too IIRC. So maybe they'll do something similar with Untropia one day. I think it depends if/how active NEVERDIE is on the scene at that point as I thnk the Kevin Rudolf connection may have come via him... dunno, just a guess.
  10. Right, so that wasn't the only Let it Rock promo for EU, but hope they will do something similar because EU at the moment (I still like the potential of the game and the graphics) needs an injection of something.
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  11. narfi

    narfi Lost

    It's funny, this game has always been like that, its greatest strength and greatest downfall.

    It has so much potential, it draws you into a world that is more 'real' because of the difficulty real struggles and real money, you know that it is sitting right on the edge of greatness, it just needs that one catalyst, and it will explode into popularity......

    As a player in the game you feel it, you want it, you need it.... each new announcement you hear, you know will be the one, that is THE thing that will bring the players, oops a dud, just that one next thing, it's the drug we love to hate.... but you can never get enough of :P
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  12. I'm starting to think along similar lines and agree that EU has amazing potential, but one of the main problems is the contradictory nature of the game that becomes more and more apparent the longer you play almost to the point of being annoying. On the one hand there are seemingly many ways of progressing in EU, until you realise the costs involved in trying to get to higher levels. There's also too many peripheral tasks that you have to get under your belt before you can attempt to achieve the main task or main thing, this is how I see it anyway. The injection/s that I feel are needed imho, is a slightly less difficult and less costly skilling system (whichever profession), and more affordable retail/selling opportunities for the small player.
  13. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Yeh without sounding like a broken record, Entropia existed before a time of casual gaming and monetisation of other free games. It's been badly in need of a rebalance re cost for a long time to place it competitively in the context of the cost of other forms of entertainment such as other games, or a trip to the cinema say.

    Take pet's for example, their cost vastly outweighs their enjoyment factor, and certainly outweighs their actual benefit/use. Same with farming. To start a farm you need what? a minimum of 9 CLDs and a bunch of other stuff before you can even begin. Even if the cost of farming once you have this stuff is minimal, it's daft to expect such an initial outlay. In both cases, you'd be better off playing pokemon or farmville or something.

    Still, at least we have the Puny's and the Rubio guns and little bazookas etc. That at least is fairly cheap fun.
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  14. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    The only way to get ahead within EU is to have a large enough bankroll to keep on grinding. I remember when we as a mid-level society decided to participate in a LandGrab. None of us had any uber gear, but we had decent-enough mid level gear, and a few tricks up our sleeves to level the playing field just a little bit.

    Or so we thought. We were ten or so, and a single uber wiped us out without even breaking a sweat. That's when I realized that regardless of how much effort you put into it, unless you get seriously lucky, or have sufficient money to purchase uber gear and skills, you'll never get anywhere.

    The great majority of the cards were dealt long before you and I ever heard of EU, and it's the same very limited pool of people who benefit from it. There's a few exceptions of course, but by and large, you missed the boat, and anything you purchase is bound to become worth less over time.

    Markup, which a lot of us used to break even, has been removed from almost everything. MA introduced unlimited globalling potential for their gambling addicted players when they added Explosive Blueprints, with the ingredients coming straight out of the TT. Why bother paying a markup if you can just roll the dice at a 100%?

    Stuff that used to serve a purpose, like tailoring ingredients was also rendered useless through decisions made by MindArk. Or Taming. People keep investing in certain professions, only to get shafted over by MindArk. So why bother?

    It's not as if the "game" is entertaining in the slightest. It's a pure grindfest, an an expensive one at that. There's literally thousands of games out there that provide far superior entertainment at a fraction of the price.
  15. That means MA would have had very little competition and so maybe they became complacent, or something. However they must have considered that they would get competition sooner or later. So maybe; and picking up from something you said in another thread, they didn't want to get too big; they didn't want to divide up the profits between too many devs, management ppl and so on. Who knows?
  16. No one can argue with any of this, and I bet very few of this limited pool of people are even known about because there's a few societies that don't even reveal what the membership is! Including one called Warants that apparently an AV called NEVERDIE was in. I found this out by chance the other day on youtube, a vid called CND TV Event.
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  17. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    There's a lot of dubious stuff with Warants. Some of the highlights from the top of my head:

    * Skalman, the soc leader, was supposedly a tester for MindArk. There are rumours floating around he controlled an Rx unit when that was spawned for an event at some point.
    * NEVERDIE was indeed a member of the society. As has been documented, ND described himself as a MindArk spokesperson (he claims that was unofficial, and only to add some form of credibility for an intervieww), and certainly had contacts with MindArk, as well as owed/owns shares in MindArk through a movie producing company.
    * dodgy is/was a member of Warants. dodgy is the unofficial avatar of David Simmonds, former CEO and current member of the board of MindArk. David is also rumored to reward people with items in private trades.
    * neomaven/711/Jason@MindArk is a member of Warants. Neomaven used to do something in the porn industry, bought his way to uberdom, bought the Vixen avatar, bought former EntropiaForum, moved to Sweden, sold EntropiaForum to MindArk, and is now employed by MindArk.
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  18. Wistrel

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    What is his role? Forum mod?
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  19. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I think more admin than mod. Basically doing the same work he did when he owned the forum, just now its for MA instead of himself.
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