MMORPG: AfterWorld: Survival Tech-Demo

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  1. AfterWorld has released their Survival Tech-Demo for download. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. Lavawalker

    Lavawalker RETIRED

    To explain,

    This is a tech demo for survival, it is to test the new server architecture and logic systems behind survival.
    You need to have citizenship already in alpha world to log into the survival technology demo.

    It is nothing special at this time, more a dry run of the system behind survival.
  3. Ok cool is this something that may help me get out of that XXXX LoD lol ;p
    I can logg in to that instead maybe ;)
    The LoD is a pain i must say hehe, atleast when i got to litle skills to fight my way through ;p

    I check that out and se what its all about i gess ;)
  4. well there is the option to just go through a tunnel since a few VUs now... maybe try that one. :D
    Well Survival TD is nothing special... but Survival will kick ass... and possibly some MA ass too. ;)
  5. I had but a lot of expectation into this game but it's not met any of them...

    Firstly they had prehistoric graphics from the start, secondly the game has been in eternal beta, alpha... and thirdly, roumours are, that skills will not be wiped after go life... so you will have ├╝bers all over the game just like when MA started...
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