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    It was March 1, 2013 when MindArk announced a newly-discovered moon that would become the next auctioned real estate in Entropia Universe. However, the distinguishing factor is that it is more than a land area that generates revenue from participant activities.

    For the first time in Entropia’s ten (10) year history, this unique opportunity combined the Entropia Universe Planet Partner and Marketing Partner programs which allows the Estate Manager to add to the revenue earnings through marketing and recruiting new participants.

    You can find further details about the auction here, and more details in the Moon Estate FAQ here.

    Meet the Monria Team
    Modified Akoz Power — Norway
    Mikass Keer Masak — Romania
    Joe Jeff xXSqUaLLXx — France
    Pinthas Schmenke Dorian — United States

    Akoz is the Investment Group Fund Manager, and the avatar who will hold ownership of the Monria Estate Deed. This isn’t the first time he has successfully managed an investment group. Previously, he led a team of investors that purchased the Medusa’s Head real estate on Planet Calypso. Akoz will also act as the liaison between the Monria Team and MindArk.

    Initially, Akoz, Mikass and Squall decided that they had enough cash on-hand to purchase the estate for the valuation they had in mind at the time, and other interested parties were turned down. Since winning the auction, they have added a fourth shareholder (Pinthas) who helps with creative work.

    Suffice it to say, that revenue sharing details are in place, except for a tweak needed here and there, but all parties are appropriately covered, and each shareholder will be putting forth their best efforts to not only create an interesting environment to explore, but generate potential revenue earnings by bringing in their own new participants.

    Naming the Moon Monria
    Seems naming the estate was as simple as compiling a list of about 40 names and then dwindling it down to what seemed to fit best, but they also gave consideration to an easy-to-remember domain name that wasn’t already in use. Who actually submitted the name is a bit of a mystery, but it was intimated that there might be another story in here somewhere for the future.

    Want to know my guess? I think they’re developing a whole mystical background story on how the estate got its name, and who wants to bet that it will absolutely fit into their mythos theme.

    What is DSEC
    The Monria Team has been involved in the design of the Lunar Command Center. It was learned that it is owned by the Deep Space Extraction Corporation (DSEC), and now known as the DSEC Command Center. It will be the only base located on Monria inside a crater which will consist of the following that was shared by MindArk in a release:
    • A Lunar Command Center with teleporters, terminals, storage, auctioneers, quest NPCs, four (4) premium shops, and portals to the subsurface caverns.
    • Two (2) Lunar Habitats, each with 50 apartments and 5 shops. These apartments and shops are individual estates which can be traded to other Entropia Universe participants.
    The team has discussed additional amenities, but nothing they can share at this time. However, what they were willing to share, is that DSEC is a top mining corporation operating within uncharted deep space, and DSEC will clash with Church of Cthulhu on Monria.

    Origin of Storyline Revealed
    The Monria Facebook Page states that it is a sci-fi thriller MMORPG based on Cthulhu Mythos, which is a shared fictional universe and based on the work of American horror writer H. P. Lovecraft. As such, it will certainly be interesting to see what type of cosmic horrors we might encounter. This becomes especially concerning when you consider that an ongoing theme in Lovecraft’s work depicts complete irrelevance of mankind and what darkness they may encounter in space.

    According to Lovecraft — “The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.” So does this mean that the Monria Team will be showing us the dark side of the moon, and giving us a glimpse of what exists outside of our perceived reality about our universe?

    I can tell you that based on the following description of one of the most extensively worshiped mythos deities (Shub-Niggurath), we just might be in for some interesting times.

    Shub-Niggurath is an Outer God in the pantheon. She is a perverse fertility deity said to appear as an enormous cloudy mass which extrudes black tentacles, slime-dripping mouths, and short, writhing goat legs. Small creatures are spat forth, which are either re-consumed into the miasmatic form or escape to some monstrous life elsewhere.

    Creatures emerge from Mythos Theme
    The Monria Team is working closely with MindArk and their development staff regarding designs, and once MindArk was introduced to the Cthulhu Mythos inspiration for Monria’s theme, creature design began. The main creature that emerged as a result of the Shub-Niggurath mythos is called a Shubbette. It is not known whether this design will make it into the game yet, because I was told that everything is still very much a work-in-progress, including creature descriptions.



    It was noted that Shub-Niggurath is a perverted fertility deity, so I am assuming as such, that this is the rendition of what that means to the design team who created this creature.

    Again, designs are still a work-in-progress, as are descriptions, so it will be interesting to see exactly what will make it into the game.

    There was another unique creature design shared, and perhaps its name is description enough for those who are familiar with mythos themes, but its appearance certainly gives the air of danger, and perhaps a veiled threat alerting us to be cautious when approaching.




    I’m sure everyone will be curious as to what the stats will be on these creatures, but that’s data we will have to wait for, along with the details of the other two unique creature DNA’s that are yet to be revealed. However, I have learned that there will also be a larger event creature based on the design of one of the four unique DNA’s, but no further information is available about quests or missions.

    Monria Progress
    The Monria Team shared that there has been real progress, especially within the last few weeks. Some mobs are almost finished, but as mentioned earlier, designs and descriptions are still a work-in-progress.

    There are also many story chapters and story elements already written, which will gradually be released to the public in the months to come, but I was told that they’ll have a nice surprise in this area which will set Monria apart from the other planets.

    With the eight (8) subsurface caverns that will be a part of Monria’s environment, I asked specifically about mining, even before learning that DSEC was a top mining corporation. Miners will be happy to hear that Monria will be an attractive mining haven where they won’t be forced to hunt in order to mine, and the team is exploring several possibilities on how to make this happen. They want to “attract miners and keep them happy, not turn them off by forcing them to hunt if they don’t want to.”

    In asking how the team is adjusting to the development process so far, I was given the following response:

    Process is pretty strict in some areas and pretty flexible in areas where we wouldn’t have anticipated much flexibility. MA is breaking new ground with this new planet partner model they’ve pioneered. It’s basically a trial and error process in a way. Some things need to be figured out along the way as this is a new experience for both us and MA. MA took the time to read our story and understand concept behind it. That really made its way into the mob design and environmental layout. Things are on the right track, though track isn’t as fast as we’d like it to be at times, all part of streamlining the whole dev process most likely.

    Hunters will hardly be left out, and since there are only four (4) unique DNA’s, I will assume that maturity levels will figure into each of the eight (8) subsurface cavern environments. However, much is still to be determined, and we’ll just have to see how it all unfolds.

    The Monria Team has had many discussions regarding a marketing plan, and feel that they have come up with an original strategy, but are not revealing any specifics at this point in time, saying that they don’t want to spoil the surprise. Let’s hope that whatever this strategy is, it will populate Monria with a surprising number of new players. There is also hope that with their choice of theme, they will be able to attract the Lovecraft Cthulhu crowd, which is said to be a very passionate and dedicated crowd. This is where storyline and how it will be implemented throughout game play will be a critical aspect of relating this well-known mythos to the history and evolution of Monria.

    Monria was scheduled to be launched sometime in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2013, and while we are entering the 3rd quarter, I am told that the team is working hard toward achieving its anticipated goal, but promises cannot be made. It all depends on the development process, and as we all know, it’s never a foregone conclusion as to exact delivery dates.

    Personally, I would give them a bit of a break since this is new territory they have embarked upon, and not the traditional Planet Partner scenario. This is a trial and error, first of its kind, pioneering entity that we will eventually have the opportunity of experiencing, and I’m sure a bit of a stressful thing with the level of responsibility they are charged with.

    I wish the Monria Team a smooth process, and thank them for this MSM exclusive.

    Detailed information about Monria can be found on the Monria wiki page.

    Monria Websites
    Official Website
    Facebook Page
    Twitter Account
    YouTube Channel

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  2. leeloo

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    ooowww nice! those mobs are they for real ??
    very curios to see monria in action ..
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  3. MindStar9

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    Yes, those mobs are real, but as mentioned in the article, I was told that everything is still a work-in-progress, so it will be interesting to see exactly what makes it into the game at launch.
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  4. This will be a great new moon to explore so can't wait until it's launched.
  5. What the...moon ? moon1.jpg
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  6. MindStar9

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    McC ... those are 2 of the 4 unique DNA creatures so far based on Monria's theme, but still a work in progress. I like the Cultist, but the Shubbette I can't take seriously.
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  7. Nor Alien

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    You know what they say.. Two heads are better then one.. Just imagine 4! ;)
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  8. leeloo

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    yeah same here, cant stand the shubbette but the Cultist is breathtaking!
  9. EwoK

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    Yep... the Shubbette is a bit of a has 4 boobies and my avatar has only 2 hands :sneaky:
    Oh come on, someone had to say it!:tongue (2):
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  10. Reminds me of the ood in Dr. Who
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  11. Tass

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  12. good move getting hp lovecraft themes in since there is no need to pay license fees on his work anymore.

    I just hope they pick more detailed creatures to launch or have any agreement with mindark that the moon can evolve later as the hp universe offers great stuff beside creatures which you can find already in ancient greece somewhat. :)

    just google "hp lovecraft creatures" in googles picture search.

    if the moon cant evolve choose the creature wisely :)
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  13. RAZER

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    uh, you have a picture of CND in there :)
    But very nice images indeed, monster looks scary.
  14. Tass

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  15. [​IMG]


    all from twitter.
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  16. AxeMurderer

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    That Shoggoth looks really fresh. I am nicely surprised by Monria
  17. Nor Alien

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    Yeah reminds me of what my ex looked like after I told her the condom broke! *shakes head* Was not a good joke, although I still laugh to this day! ;)
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  18. leeloo

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    fresh? i dunno if I would call it fresh .. different for sure.. UGLY yes..
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