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    When the first annual Arkadia Gold Rush 2012 event was announced in August, it came with a series of competitions that produced some pretty nice prizes for the winners. Among the prizes were eight (8) Alienware X51 desktop computers, and the last three winners of these computers have been announced.

    The winners for Gold Rush Warrior, Gold Rush Prospector, and Gold Rush Industrialist are listed below, along with the winning entries that garnered them the Alienware X51 Desktop Computers (graphic and information from Arkadia Forum).


    Gold Rush Warrior 2012 - Shaman Wizard Legend
    Entry 8454 (2012-09-20, 15:33:55) with a PED value of 55.89

    Gold Rush Prospector 2012 - Michael Baks Bakke
    Entry 4742 (2012-10-24, 16:07:54) with a PED value of 75.70

    Gold Rush Industrialist 2012 - Anunaki Mithra Skarpnes
    Entry 3707 (2012-09-11, 20:59:56) with a PED value of 196.39

    Following is a recap of the eight (8) Alienware X51 Desktop Computer winners:

    GOLD RUSH SOCIALITE 2012 — Wallin Dimas

    GOLD RUSH CINEPHILE 2012 — Dreznin’s Channel

    GOLD RUSH ARKOIN BARON 2012 — (3 winners)

    Boardian Chilix Corunian

    Alex Fishface Walton

    Mordrell Baas WHAT​

    GOLD RUSH WARRIOR 2012 — Shaman Wizard Legend

    GOLD RUSH PROSPECTOR 2012 — Michael Baks Bakke

    GOLD RUSH INDUSTRIALIST 2012 — Anunaki Mithra Skarpnes​

    In addition to the Alienware X51 Desktop Computer competitions, there was an opportunity to win a 12 month Gold Membership at the Arkadia Forum as well.

    Following is a list of the ten (10) winners for this competition:


    Alex Solo

    If all data is correct, the only competition left would be Gold Rush Millionaire 2012:


    One MILLION (1,000,000) Arkoin reward offered!

    Be the first to manufacture a rare Arkadian Golden Key, and be faced with the decision to use the key to open the Aakas Golden Door, or surrender it to the Archaeological Society who are offering a ONE MILLION Arkoin reward!

    The latest information seems to be that there is still one main ingredient missing, and the Golden Key has yet to be manufactured, or anyone in a position to make that critical decision of whether to turn the key in or open the mysterious Golden Door located in the Aakas instance. We will keep you updated.

    In addition to the above competitions, on September 16th, Cyrus Chen, Arkadia’s Community Relations Manager, announced that the Gold Rush Arkoin Auction 2012 had begun. Various auctions were made available where individuals would have an opportunity to purchase some nice prizes with the Arkoins that they had been collecting. This auction was initiated due to the Arkoin Brokers not being available yet, but will be functional in a future Arkadia update.

    The Gold Rush Arkoin Auction 2012 has concluded, dragged out only by the Auction War for the Ankitus and Koroma (UL) 100 QR armour blueprints, with an intense battle to the end.

    Following is a list of individuals who won the auctions:

    Item No 001: Full set of seven (7) UL, 100 QR Ankitus Armour Blueprints — Jim “EwoK” Morris

    Winning Bid — 370,000 Arkoins

    Item No 002: Full set of seven (7) UL, 100 QR Koroma Armour Blueprints — Kikki KJ Jikki

    Winning Bid — 1.5 Million Arkoins

    Item No 003: Full set of seven (7) full TT pieces of Pegasus (M,L) Armour — Kikki KJ Jikki

    Winning Bid — 200,000 Arkoins

    Item No 004: Full set of seven (7) full TT pieces of Pegasus (F,L) Armour — Yao-Te WildHeart Huang

    Winning Bid — 35,000 Arkoins

    Item No 005: Alienware X51 Desktop Computer w/ Mouse and Keyboard — Lucky Angel Bob

    Winning Bid — 450,000 Arkoins

    Item No 006: Alienware X51 Desktop Computer w/ Mouse and Keyboard — Hawkwing

    Winning Bid — 450,000 Arkoins

    Item No 007: Alienware TactX Mouse — Yao-Te WildHeart Huang

    Winning Bid — 30,000 Arkoins

    Item No 008: Alienware TactX Mouse — Kassandrea Kiryou Kell

    Winning Bid — 27,000 Arkoins

    Item Nos 009 – 013: Planet Arkadia Cap

    Lazer LAZZ Nero — ( 3 Arkadian Caps) Winning Bids — 7,500 / 7,500 / 7,500 Arkoins

    Tim TimUnleashed Kerin — (1 Arkadian Cap) Winning Bid — 8,000 Arkoins

    Tomas T79x Hope — (1 Arkadian Cap) Winning Bid — 7,500 Arkoins

    Item Nos 014 – 018: Planet Arkadia T-Shirt

    Laela Nephthys Selena / Winning Bid — 1,000 Arkoins

    Harmony Bella Simpson / Winning Bid — 5,000 Arkoins

    Tim TimUnleashed Kerin / Winning Bid — 4,000 Arkoins

    Tomas T79x Hope / Winning Bid — 35,500 Arkoins

    Lazer LAZZ Nero / Winning Bid — 16,500 Arkoins

    Congratulations to all of the winners for both the Gold Rush 2012 Competitions and the Gold Rush 2012 Arkadia Forum Auctions. The one remaining competition as mentioned earlier is the Gold Rush Millionaire 2012 race to the Golden Door. It’s anyone’s guess who it might be, but there are those in possession of the Golden Key Blueprint waiting on the last known ingredient.

    We will keep you updated with the progress of this situation, and will publish an article in the future when the person who crafts the Golden Key first is in a position to make the all important decision of turning it in for 1 million Arkoins, or see what’s behind the Golden Door.

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