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Discussion in 'Theryon Wars' started by RAZER, Apr 12, 2014.

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    Funny that when a planet goes belly up images about it popup all over the web. Below is some stuff I had never seen and a few ones I did. But especially the one with the patches is interesting and to me is part of the factions system, that we still don't have

    tiger.jpg rifle.jpg silouettes.jpg suits.jpg 08_Monsters_Theryon.jpg bug1.jpg alien1.jpg tiger2.jpg cargo1.jpg cargo2.jpg cargo2b.jpg 01_Helmets_Theryon.jpg process.jpg rover.jpg
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  2. sad...
  3. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Agreed. I was so looking forward to this planet. :cry2::cry:
  4. Wistrel

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    Ah wow they look great. Sad to think it will only ever be concept art inspiring nothing more than our imaginations.... ah well..
  5. It is only sad to see another group of people decided to take the blue pill instead of the red one.
  6. Well, Project Entropia, or, Planet Calypso, as we call it now, already had batches, society symbols, faction system, real bank, working exchange, a casino, mechs, vehicles, food system, beverages and beer etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

    Project Entropia always had everything of the above ready, waiting to hit the daylight. Since 2000.
    MindArk just had to choose from a wide variety of unused 3d models, textures, texts and graphics.
    Its not that other planets would be 1st, regarding this matter.

    You know what they say ?
    Browse the ingame folders of the closed beta until you reach VU 4.3.
    Some stuff dissapeared, but beer and beverages are stil inside VU 15.0.

    Since 14 years ! I guess we can expect a shipment soon... x'D
  7. Wistrel

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    "Whyd you do this? A raised eyebrow. You know, this, she exclaimed gesturing pathetically at the bar in general. Why bother? Why come here to work and, more importantly, whyd you spend all your time polishing glasses when you know damn well you havent got anything to serve in them?. Im expecting a shipment shortly, replied Carson with a wry grin, and besides, Ive got a fine selection of battery acids out back just in case any of our friends decide to join us. He watched her grin back at him; with the exception of the bit about their friends, the joke, no, the entire conversation was old beyond belief, a perverse ritual of dialog they would go through time and time again, but never failed, it seemed, to cause his resident patron amusement."
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  8. So where is the actual information that this is canceled? I still see it listed as a planet partner.
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  9. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    well, Spaniard Blend does not exist anymore, the CEO of Pyxel Arts left the company and started a new one Fluzo Studios and the driving force behind the game, known on this forum only as Ordaz has vanished. Fluzo Studios has some of the images from Theryon listed on their website in the portfolio, but that's it.

    Oh and is bought by some Japanese guys offering to sell it.

    But yeah about time MA removes them from the list.
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  10. Thanks for the info!
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