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    oh I backed them for the second movie, will be getting a signed Blue-Ray next year :)
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  2. I remember seeing this cover for the 1st time as a kid. Since then I planned to watch it one day. Last night I watched it! :D

    Roddy Piper !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 :D Including a wrestling fight...ahahahahah...and a bit trashy...with megatons of of truth on top of it. Great =)
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    ooops I already said that about they live... please remove this comment
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    Thanks to netflicks I saw the first one recently. I don't want to big it up (because I went into the film thinking it would be awful). The thing is, it is actually really rather good. It is actually quite an intelligent movie masquerading as a really dumb movie.
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    The American


    Has a big name in it (George Clooney) so could go either way. The movie is directed by Anton Corbijn who is a Dutch photographer and you can see that in the movie and the viduals some how look a lot better then you usually see in movies, but of course the Italian setting helps a bit too.
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    My writer friend (Zac Simpson) is one of the researchers and directors behind the documentary on The Machine Gun Preacher, and he's also the one who did the 3-part EU Expose' that many of us were involved with.

    Haven't seen the movie yet, but the documentary and movie are based on a real life true story about Sam Childers. There has been controversy about his so-called efforts, and when I read some reviews about it (this one is a Christian organization), I went to Zac and brought it up. He said that he was aware of the reviews of Childers (not his documentary), and he said that all the while he was doing the research and filming for the documentary, he wanted to confront Childers on many things. Not sure if he has since then, it's been a while since I've talked with Zac.

    I'm a Gerard Butler fan, so perhaps it's one of those movies I'll finally watch, especially after seeing the documentary.

    Machine Gun Preacher Documentary website

    You can stream the Machine Gun Preacher Documentary with Vimeo for $3.99 (It was released 7/1/14)

    This is the Machine Gun Preacher Documentary trailer:

    This is the Machine Gun Preacher movie trailer with Gerard Butler:

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