Moving Up!... and back down...

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Sorven, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. So I had some luck again, got enough good runs to switch to the normal TT finders and did a small (14/14) run with them. I got a XII find! Woohoo!!! I then did a few more runs and... well... now I'm back to the rookie finders. Was really nice using the normal ones though, got some good skill gains while I could use them. Had I followed my own advice I'd have like, 50 ped saved right now, but, alas, I was having too much fun for my own good. Though I am not off track for my goals (I need skills and you have to pay for those).

    I have changed up my mining habits a bit, I'm finding more stones/fruit/dung now, so I was able to sell a bit of that to make up for some of the losses. All in all, I had fun last night, despite down being my final destination, it was really nice getting a Large find again, I miss them dearly. Hopefully sometime soon I can get addicted to swirlies again, but I know I must pay my dues to get those again, so much skill to get back... One of my goals is to get enough PED to buy some amps, I know they don't guarantee good returns, but I love playing with them anyway.

    On a more exciting note for me, yesterday was my 100th post for my blog. I actually have 108 posts written, so I'm set through the next week, tomorrow I plan on writing the last post for this month and the first post for December. So, those of you that follow my adventures on that blog, I hope you're still enjoying the story. I have still not yet decided if I'll try to write an actual book or if I'll just keep doing just blog posts, I guess time will tell. :)
  2. congratz on the XII :D

    Pity to hear that the rest of the day had the usual decline, but it's certainly nice to see you getting slowly back in form :D

    and woot! for the 100th post! Nice to see it just 'happened' to give some more info of Sorven's background...
  3. Today's post is 102, the 100th post wasn't anything special. :)

    Hopefully by the end of this coming holiday weekend I'll reach level 2 in my mining professions, that only leaves like... 15 more levels to catch up to where I was. I guess I should be there in another year! Woo!

    Oh, and I'm almost done with post 110, which means I'm set for posts through 12/1, just a couple more weeks and I should be through Christmas, which means that during all this holiday time I can relax and not write, not that anyone is making me write except myself, but still, freedom without feeling guilty about not keeping the daily posts going. ;)
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