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    As a little history ... I gave birth to the Wednesday's Who's Who profiles in June of 2007 when I produced my first profile with Auktuma. Many of our fellow Entropians have found themselves showcased, and while others have also written player profiles, I am listing only those that I have done myself. These were originally produced at the former Entropia Forum site before it became the Planet Calypso Forum, and since the aesthetic of the forum has changed, some of the graphics won't be as originally presented.


    Alyss "Aly" Aquire

    "Zap" and "Mrs-Zap" - (w/VIDEO)

    Oleg "Oleg" McMullery

    Lady "Nadie" Hawke - (w/VIDEOS)

    Wildman & Della of WildD3amons - (w/VIDEO)

    LeeLoo LeeLoo Faith - Adventurer

    John Teacher Capital - Seeker of Knowledge


    Night "Slick" Shadow - Entropia's Bananaman - (w/mini-VIDEO)

    Ozi & Missa - "Down Under" - (w/VIDEO)

    Kira "Red" Star-Rigger

    Compusmurf & Softhart - "Fun & Feisty" - (w/VIDEOS)
    (End of Summer Party was front for Engagement Proposal)

    Kimmi - Pink is Pimpin'

    Spike (safara) & Rockchick - "Mr. & Mrs. Disturbed"


    Slapnuts - Event Demon / Photo Artist

    Etopia - More Than Fashion and Forum

    Augis Auktuma Tumas - More Than Golden Swirlies
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