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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Lykke TheNun, Oct 16, 2009.

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    One of my favourite songs from one of my favourite bands.

    On some days the lyrics are somehow... fitting.....

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  4. Tass

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    Björk & Chris Cunningham, epic work.
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    Usually not the music I listen to, but heard it in a commercial and now started listening to it.
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  8. Was wondering if there was a thread about music around here...
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  9. EwoK

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    Ah a woman after my own heart ;)

    Love AC/ brother and I have their entire album collection. They are a regular request of mine on Normandie Radio
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  10. Hehe :) They are one of my favourites too :) Let there be rock!
  11. Oh this was a good find :) Great way to start the day hehe
  12. EwoK

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    Shoot to Thrill is a particular fav of mine
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  13. remembering put me in the mood lol
  14. Tass

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  15. Starting to get into a new genre in my older years of gaming.
    It is relatively new to the scene - Called ChillStep.

    Here is a sample of what I am listening to at the moment.
    Some may say well ... but have a listen it is actually quite beautiful and relaxing once you get into it.
    Very powerful and moving, yet relaxing music :) Good for the blood pressure lol ;P

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  16. Next up, exploration music - Also from the ChillStep genre :)

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  17. One for you Calli!
    Coming in for a soft landing from above the clouds, Calli @ Planet Explorers style ;)

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  18. Love it!!!
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  19. Glad you liked it :).

    These were too good not to repost from here Post # 81.
    Link >

    I will be definitely using the music out of these for my youtube presentation of Planet Explorers and some other games being reviewed later on.

    The cinematics in these! EpicMusicVN has really put together some of the most EPIC cinematic & music combos I have seen to date :) My hat goes off to EpicMusicVN .... :tiphat:

    They are a must watch including the inspirational ideas that can be drawn from them. :idea:
    Check out EpicMusicVN's other music videos too, they are just like WOW! :thumbup:

    ~ ~ Beautiful, powerful and moving "FEEL IT" music ~ ~

    Cinematics wise ...

    In this first video my favourite scene starts early on in the video 4:15! Magical ;) Chills!
    (But watch the prelude/build up prior as to why - against all odds! Epic sacrific!)

    Second favourite is the scenes from Blackheart @ 31:25 (and a little prior to that too)

    Now for some sleep :) Enjoy!
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  20. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Great music Viper, I subscribed to their channel at YouTube. I love Epic music.
    Oh, and ... nice pic their Calli, looks like fun. :biggrin:
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