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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by andrew jenery, Feb 14, 2011.

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    Early this morning, at around in-game time, I decided to go on a TP run. Up until now I only had the 'free' one's plus one or two others that I had acquired with the help of a vtol aircraft pilot a few days ago... I had thought of PM'ing the vtol pilot again as I stood on the west side of the Port Atlantis complex, but he wasn't logged-in, and there was nothing going in the auction in terms of aircraft, so I was going to have to get them the the hard way.


    I hit the coast from Port Atlantis and then started going West, and basically just hugged the shoreline so as to avoid mobs, as I thought that the main aim was to get TP's and to not waste time hunting... Eventually I broke North, still keeping to the coast, and before I knew it at least ten minutes or more had passed by. I then took a screenshot; the one above, mainly to break the monotony of doing a solo TP run, although the in-game sounds was more than a welcome distraction... On and on I went ever further, whilst checking a printout of Eudoria to make sure I was going in the right direction for my first TP, which was Billy's Spaceship Afterworld.
    Unfortunately, I was ambushed by a Neconu Young a few minutes later and ended up at a revive point in an outpost shown in the screenshot below.


    After healing myself with a FAP-50, I then tried again to get to Billy's Spaceship, but found that whichever way I went, I was going to be cut-off by mobs that I knew I don't have the skills and equipment for, mainly Faucervixes and more dreaded Neconu's and some robots called Drone Generation 01's, and even some huge Atrox's! The screenshot below shows two drones that I led towards the gun towers at the outpost in an effort to clear the route ahead, but this didn't make much difference as more of them were simply respawned.


    I tried at least three or four further attempts to get back to the coast, to as to then try and get not Billy's Spaceship Afterworld, but another one called Skiron that seemed much closer to the water, but every time I ended up back at the outpost.
    In the end I decided to call it a day, hoping that maybe there will be a vtol in the auction the next time I log back in...

    Till the next instalment.
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