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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by andrew jenery, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. andrew jenery

    andrew jenery from Entropia Star

    Today 9th Feb' 2011 at about in-game time, I logged into Entropia once more and teleported from Genesis Amethera HQ to Port Atlantis 'New Arrivals'. The view of Port Atlantis from the teleporter pier was awsome; like some futuristic city that we might have one day in the real world, whilst closer to home were ubers-on-the block sporting hovercraft, powerboats and huge luxury cruisers that looked capable of ferrying many colonists.
    I continued from the New Arrivals zone towards the Port Atlantis complex itself, and then went around it by going west and then north-east to get to the Swamp Camp that I had been to a few days ago, mainly to do some more skilling on the creatures that lurked there...
    I spent at least the next hour or so going against yet more Caudaturgess; Berycleds and Tripudion Puny's that jump up and down a bit like giant frogs, and also some new creatures that I hadn't seen before called Snibblesnots Male and Female - Young/Mature's. The 'M' one's are on two legs and were waving two sort of arms at me, whilst the 'F' one's are a bit more usual on four legs. These, however, dispite their unthreatening appearance, were harder to kill than the Caudaturgess; Berycleds and Tripudions, but somehow I managed to hold my own and not get killed in the middle of the swamp, so I suppose I did quite well, although I have been since told that these are by far the easiest of mobs on Calypso...
    At about this time, I started to run low on ammo, so I headed back to PA to replenish my stocks and to just familiarize myself more with the various GUI's, controls and so forth. I also asked on the open chat, what was a good amplifier to get for an Opalo, and I was told that an A102 amp was a good bet, so I then went to an Auction NPC to see if there was one going. Luckily there was one for a fairly good price, so I purchased it a few minutes later, before deciding to call it a day, so as to visit EP and write this up...:bigsmile:
    Below is a screenshot that I took near Port Atlantis whilst on my hunt.


    Till the next instalment.
  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Awww this reminds me of my first few days in PE all those years ago! Keep it up please :D
  3. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    oh wow - makes me remember how it was to start playing. When it was still very exciting and new :D Looking forward to hear about your first global ^^
  4. andrew jenery

    andrew jenery from Entropia Star

    Thanks :) I'm looking forward to a global as well - had a hunch about that Tripudion on the horizon, but I got just a few trinkets from that one. But the loot's been piling up slowly but surely, and I'm happy.
  5. Thats one of my favorite places also..especially if you just want to relax and hunt.I am new also and love the game.Good Luck!!...:)
  6. andrew jenery

    andrew jenery from Entropia Star

    I was wondering whether I was the only Noob in EU ;) Funnily, I've not been to the swmp camp much lately, as I've been getting my TP's with this Sleipnir I got from the auction - and those Tripudions sometimes make me giddy, because they keep jumping up and down. Drive's me nuts!
  7. andrew jenery

    andrew jenery from Entropia Star

    Thanks :) I've done another two instalments already and working on the next one ;)
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