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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by andrew jenery, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. andrew jenery

    andrew jenery from Entropia Star

    I had logged back in to Entropia some hours later and had gone into the 'service centre' of the outpost that I was still stranded in, to see if there were any available aircraft this time in the auction. Luckily there was a Sleipnir vtol in good condition going for a very reasonable buyout price, so I bought this a few seconds later, plus some oil to fuel it with, then went outside to spawn my latest aquisition.


    Seconds later I was inside the Sleipnir and was presented with an amazing view of the inside of the cockpit that looked almost real, or at least believable. Once again I was ready to continue with my TP run. Hopefully the vtol would make my task easier, and a lot quicker... I pressed the 'right shift-key' on the keyboard and went strait upward, then stopped after a short while to check the printout of Eudoria so as to see which TP I was nearest to. I also took this as an opportunity to enter a 'small ad' for Entropia Star into the open-chat, because a few green dots were showing on the radar dial. After all, my main task is to promote ES, but I don't have an estate yet so cannot use the in-game ad terminals - and this is a PED-free alternative way of doing it... ;)

    The nearest TP seemed to be somewhere called Billy's Spaceship Afterworld, so I pointed the vtol in that direction and pressed the 'R' key. All of a sudden I was really going forwards; it really was like flying, and the view of Calypso below me was amazing to say the least.


    I arrived there some time later without any mishap, in a surreal looking location with parked spacecraft strewn all over the place, but my task was to get TP's and not dawdle too much, so I quickly ran onto the teleporter so as to actually acquire it, then went strait back to the vtol in order to get the next one. Once again I entered the 'small ad' for ES into the open-chat via ctrl-v (I had already highlighted and saved it to the Clipboard) as there were some other AV's there, then once again went vertical before heading towrds the north-west of Eudoria, as there was another TP near the coast called Skiron.


    Along the way I passed a large hill fort and then a gathering of Maffoid's down in a very deep valley, but eventually found, and then landed at Skiron. So now, I had acquired two more TP's - but this was only the beginning, as I knew there were many others to get. After Skiron, I then went onto Camp Phoenix, Fort Ithaca and then Fort Argus, which has a huge pyramid building in it, throwing a bright lightbeam into the sky.


    My final port-of call for the day was a desolate looking place near the north-east coast called North Space Base, although there didn't seem to be a 'space base' as such, so I thought that maybe this is some future plan by the creator's of EU... I then 'picked up' the vtol an put it back in my PI, then checked to see how much fuel I had used after all this flying ;) I almost couldn't beleive what I saw, as very little fuel had been used up, which was good, as I was now fairly confident that I could go on to get all the TP's throughout Entropia before having to buy any more from the auction...

    Till the next instalment.
  2. Love that night picture...really cool!
  3. andrew jenery

    andrew jenery from Entropia Star

    Thanks Rose ;) I thought that the asteroid next to the lightbeam made a really interesting composition, so that's why I took it.

    BTW - when I spawned the Sleipnir, it nearly fell over because of the silly place that I placed it on =)
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