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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by andrew jenery, Feb 21, 2011.

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    andrew jenery from Entropia Star

    It's been all systems go for me over the last few days. Last Wednesday, 16th Feb' 2011, I had logged-out of Entropia at the North Space Base on the North-eastern coast of Planet Calypso to do some 'RL' chores and also some more editorial work for ES.


    Many hours later on the same day, I had logged back in so as to continue with my teleporter run and to continue with general in-game skilling; mainly hunting related with my Opalo against some of the 'smaller' creatures in the swamp camp North of Port Atlantis, because 'smaller' creatures is all that I can comfortably handle at my current level; after all, I've only 'been in EU' for just over a month, so it's still 'early days' yet...
    This general pattern of TP gathering and in-game skilling continued during the following Thursday and Friday, by which time I had acquired a whole string of new locations. Camp Caravan; Nymphtown; Minopolis and Fort Troy, and also others like Athena Spaceport; Twin Peaks; Boreas; Cape Corinth, plus many more. At one point, virtual reality was almost blurring with reality, and I was almost seeing TP's in my sleep ;)


    During this time, I received an in-game PM from someone on my friends-list, asking if I wanted to have a fun air race from Port Atlantis Mall to Atlantis Archipelago and back again. I thought this would be great and so accepted. We did three laps altogether, sometimes almost skimming the water for the thrill of it, and at other times going skyhigh and almost hitting the sun. At one point I even had a systems message saying you cannot go any further :) The Vtol just suddenly stopped, so I had to go slightly lower down to continue ;) The image above is one that I took in my Sleipnir on the final return to PA-Mall, and at one point I was wondering if I was going to hit that tall tower in the seconds to come, but luckily I didn't and managed to land safely...

    Till the next instalment.
  2. Great pictures!! Wow!!..I was trying to just take a screenshot last night at Eos..But..I will have to have help!!..Hahahaha!!
  3. andrew jenery

    andrew jenery from Entropia Star

    Thanks :) Mmmmm? I'm quite good with Fraps or that Taksi ;)
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