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    By a few days ago, I had managed to get most of the TP's for Eudoria on Planet Calypso, inbetween running ES and other things, but I still didn't have any TP's on Amethera other than the 'free' one's, New Oxford; Genesis Amethera HQ and Treasure Island City, so earlier today March 2nd 2011, I decided to go to 'TI-City' from Ashi, which is where I had last logged-out of.


    After ariving there, I produced the Vtol and then took a screenshot of it as a momento, then got in and headed due-North to get to Treasure Island Castle, which I was told was in that direction. However, I was going to have to find this and any other TP completely 'blind', because the printout I had made of Calypso weeks ago, was no more due to me having put it out in the garbage along with other bits 'n' pieces by mistake, and I couldn't do a new one because my printer had developed a fault just a day or so ago (life is like that sometimes...). I also couldn't play in windowed-mode bacause my display has an odd resolution which means that playing EU is all disjointed; so once again, because of these issues, I had to get TI Castle blind, so I was hoping that the directions I had been given by another AV there was correct...


    The map told me that I was now heading towards a lake, but well before that, after just half-a-mile or so into my journey, I had to go through a valley with steep rocks on either side and massive-looking Hoglo's that I was certain I didn't have the 'firepower' for. Eventually I got to the lake and not long after that managed to find Treasure Island Castle, a mysterious, eerie looking place next to a narrow dirt-track, with the teleporter just a few hundred yards away. Maybe it looked mysterious because it was a bit dark, even with the gamma increased.


    Having got the castle, I then went North of Treasure Island, but didn't manage to find any other TP after many miles, so then decided to go West and try my luck, hoping that certain features like rivers or roads would lead me to one. At some point, I passed two ring-roads just to the North of me as I was still going West, and not far after that spotted a huge windmill dead ahead of me, which in turn led me to a picturesque looking place called New Switzerland with wooden log-cabins suspended over the water. After getting the TP there, I then though of asking on the open chat for directions to any other place, but there was no one there after some ten minutes of waiting, so I got back into the Vtol and again just trusted to luck.


    Once again I went vertical, then decided to go slightly South-west in the direction of 'Icy Island' on the Western side of Amethera. Icy Island, because it's white on the map and certainly looks icy when you get near to it. After getting to the island and zig-zagging here and there, I managed to find Solfais Crater, a bleak and barren looking place in the middle of nothing but snow.
    At this point, I then decided that I would logout, because the fact was that after nearly an hour of 'flying', I had only managed to get three new locations, when I was hoping that I would get alot more than this. I will certainly have to get my printer fixed as soon as possible, or get a new one, because you certainly need a map to get new TP locations, or at least enough of them in a reasonable amount of time...

    Till the next instalment.
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