My first open-frame PC build

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  1. Recently I've started a new ITX gaming system build that will have an open-frame chassis instead of a normal case. The main idea behind it was that it would be very easy to clean and maintain as there would be no side panels, etc to remove. The proc is a Ryzen 5600G with built-in graphics, so no need for a graphics card; that's what AMD claims anyway.

    Here's some pics of what I bought for it and the build so far. Next steps are to connect up all the cables and I've just ordered a usb+audio front panel, one m'board BIOS speaker and an 8cm systems fan to keep the memory cool.
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  2. Just want to add that this isn't a promo or spam of any kind. I just thought ppl would be interested to know what the parts I had bought were.
  3. I've now (few days ago already) connected the sata SSD, bios speaker and power leads and added the front fan as well as the power/reset switches, plus drive and power indicator LEDs. I'm still waiting for the audio+USB front panel to arrive, then I'll do the first boot. Reason for this build dragging on a bit is because of late deliveries due to Royal Mail strikes.
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  4. Liu


    Looking forward to seeing the gaming performance of the cpu.i play currently on a i3600k graphic chipset
  5. Thank you, I'm looking forward to its gaming performance as well once I've figured out how to boot to the usb dvd drive which is set to first boot in the UEFI bios. This has the windows 10 dvd in it which I'm looking to install onto the sata SSD.
    The system is based on a Gigabyte A520I AC mini-itx mobo with AMD Ryzen 5600G cpu which has built-in graphics.
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