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    (Click the banner information Regarding the Natural Born Killers)
    The Natural Born Killer group of societies, formed in September of 2005, is still growing daily and always looking for new and experienced players who are looking to be part of an ever changing and growing family. Our website/forum has a wealth of information on the history of NBK and our plans for the future.
    Our current group of societies are as follows:
    Natural Born Killers
    Requirement: 150K+ skills
    NBK Elite
    Requirement: 40k+ skills
    NBK Army
    Requirement: none
    NBK Elite Miners
    Requirement: Level 20 Prospector or Surveyor
    NBK Otium
    Requirement: 100+ total combined attribute points
    Info: The word Otium is Latin for "relax" or "at ease" this society is a mixed profession and mixed skill society for experienced players who players who have a very casual approach to the game. Members who have chipped out, are semi active, or inconsistently active also are found in NBK Otium.

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or reply in this thread :)
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