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  1. IronKnight

    IronKnight Let's go shoot something!

    I keep trying to come up with some ad's to run on the Ad scrrens, and just not happy with any of them. I thougt some of you could write better might want to help.

    Main abjective :

    Hunting Soc. "Profit-N-Pleasure"
    Team Hunts 30Dmg: Atrox, Allo, Esta, Feffs, Ambu

    Larger and smaller Dmg hunts avalible

    Join at Soc Terminal or contact us at
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  2. If the wording is simple and to the point, ppl will notice ads. Something like:

    New members wanted to join Profit-N-Pleasure
    for regular team hunts.

    Register at a society terminal or contact us at ....

    It's also a good idea to use large text on a plain background because if the text is too small and the background is full of colours/shades, the ad will be difficult to read.
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  3. If I recall correctly only landowners can use the ad screens! I could have got that wrong or it could have changed but worth checking before you spend a lot of time coming up with an ad. Assuming you are not a landowner of course :).
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  4. aslong as you have at least an apartment is the criteria for using adscreens ;)
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  5. IronKnight

    IronKnight Let's go shoot something!

    I have one ad running now

    Happy Holiday
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  6. Yes I'd say it's important that the ad can easily be read from a distance, or even in some cases backwards!
    Also, if you miss a slide, there is still the information required on subsequent slides, such as the 'call to action' i.e. where to contact you. Would that be LOL talk about self-promotion
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  7. IronKnight

    IronKnight Let's go shoot something!

    I do agree, short and sweet. I see the multi slide ads and get distrated and mess some slides,

    maybe 2 or 3 slides at max sec'

    each with a differant ad's and back ground.
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  8. IronKnight

    IronKnight Let's go shoot something!

    maybe the image of the atrox in the back

    1st slide 30sec

    Want to hunt bigger Mobs?

    Profit-N-Pleasure Team Hunts
    Join today at Society Terminal
    or Contact us at​

    2ed slide (unsure on back ground)

    New members wanted to join Profit-N-Pleasure
    for regular team hunts.

    Register at a society terminal

    or contact us at

    I like ^that one^ thanks nexus7

    go ahead and give any opinion good or bad or just rewrite it.

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  9. Thx ;) Consider that 30 seconds is more than enough time to get ppl's attention - and if the message doesn't have too many lines in it, you may not need more than one slide. As your idea and my idea says almost the same thing, you wouldn't need both anyway.
    This way the entire ad will only cost 30 PED which if I remember correctly, is the minimum you have to pay. If you have more than one slide, it will cost you more, and there is a big possibility that ppl will not 'wait around' for a second and third slide.
    Keeping the background the same for multiple slides will tell ppl that it's still the same ad...
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  10. I tried creating one and it won't let me as only estate owners can create adverts. I only rent :(.
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  11. IronKnight

    IronKnight Let's go shoot something!

    You got a new look there >>>> :)
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  12. Well I've always wanted hair :).
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  15. This is puzzling... How do you mean by 'rent'? An 'estate owner' also includes ppl that have appartments, so as long as you have one of these you should be able to create an ad... If you still have problems, PM me with the details and I'll try and help...:)
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  16. MA got back to me. Saying I need to have the deed in my inventory in order for this to work and they were right :).

    So an advert has been placed for the Easter Canley game. Hope it gets a few in.
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