NEVERDIE News: Legal battle: Willy the Wizard vs Harry Potter - Update

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    When the CND sale hit the news in October 2010, a snippet of it revealed that:

    Source: Jon Jacobs sells virtual nightclub Club Neverdie in online Entropia game for £400k | Mail Online

    We received word today that there have been some new developments in the case, and figured we'd give those interested in such things a quick update of it.

    Apparently the judge, Mr Justice Kitchen, wants to ensure that neither the time and money of JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter, and publisher Bloombury are wasted, and therefore ordered Paul Allen, trustee of the estate of the late Adrian Jacobs to pay up 1.5 million Britihs pounds (roughly 2.4 million US Dollars) as a security.

    And a bit further down:

    Source: Author who claimed JK Rowling stole idea for Harry Potter ordered to pay £1.5m 'security' before plagiarism case starts | Mail Online
  2. Well, I hope it works out for Jacobs if there is infringement on his father's iintellectual property.

    In the amusing part, you've gotta be kidding me that this case is being overseen by Mister Justice?? Did he pick his vocation due to the label his parent's smacked him with, or did he legally change his name after donning the robes abd gavel? :)
  3. He HAS "substantial means" or HAD? Last I heard, he was running low on money as the schedule for NI and Rock are pushed further and further back...
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    "Justice" is standard name for senior judges in the UK, preceded by Mr because he is not a Lord (full name apparently Sir David James Tyson Kitchin)

    interesting implications for our Jon Jacobs financials if he is the heir to such an estate, though i have little idea how much such a book is worth (a lot more post Potter i'd wager)
  5. Ah, ok. In the US, we wouldn't use the "Mister" and just go for the most ranking title the person has. For instance, a former member of our Supreme Court was Justice William H Rehnquist.

    From here it looked like a superhero had been called in! LOL
  6. Dozens of people have tried suing JK Rowling for similar reasons. The fact is that the idea of a boy wizard is one that has appeared many, many times in books, films, etc etc, and most of the people seeking damages are just as unoriginal as Rowling is.

    Unless there is a good deal more similarity than the concept of the boy wizard, the case has no chance.
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    Hence the "£1.5 million into court as security for the costs of the author and her publisher"
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    Come to think of it I remember writing a short story when I was at school as homework about a boy with special powers. He could fly, and and do lighting type bolts and other magical things. That Rowling owes me money. Thank you oleg for helping me remember, guess now i can be a millionaire too :D
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    There's a more detailed report out: Security for costs and court jurisdiction under Part 24 - International Law Office

    Some quotes:

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