Neverdie Raceway

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  1. This might be fun with say 50 people or so racing around, wonder if you can fall off the edge :)

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  2. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Oh wow!! I think I need to check my driving skills!! ;)
  3. Need to get a better pic, this was mostly of the "pit stop"? The wagon there was an event station.
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  5. with physics and a fast enough car i wonder if it is possible to do a loop
  6. Unfortunately, the whole thing is ridiculously out of scale. It destroys any sense of speed and the cars look like little toys. It's kind of sad because it would be fun if was done right - did anybody on ND's dev team even try it? (ND did the same with many of the roads on RT)

    Oh well, I really enjoy the rest of NI. I just ignore the CND server all together.

  7. Trouble is there are mobs there that do not spawn anywhere else on NI.
  8. The CND racetrack and the huge signs are just super silly. They do neither fit the tropical island atmosphere nor the elysium storyline. They perfectly match the overexaggerated Rocktropia giantism. Sadly the track is on a privately owned part of Next Island, not sure if they can simply remove it. Besides they are busy doing other stuff anyway.

    Around Serpentine Village is a very nice racetrack, though! As the name suggests, beautifully shaped in harmony with the landscape, torch-lit and quite challenging.
  9. Yes - it does limit me, but I don't like hunting on taxed lands in general. I had to go to CND to find enough Village Boars for the one mission, but other than that I've done little more than sight-seeing and TP gathering.

    I'll have to check that out tonight - I haven't been there this trip, at least. In general, I've found a lot fun driving locations on NI - both on and off road. Now if they would just fix the 'flying' enchanted river, which messes up some really nice roads, I'll be psyched.

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