New Addition on TP list " Ancient Greece"

Discussion in 'Locations & property' started by jaivako ur4life cyberstar, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. I start noticed it when i try go to CP not FOMA. What got my attention is this new list "Ancient Greece" city thebes tp. So i try click on it. It only show it require "3 Time Travel Crystals". I have no idea how to obtains them.

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  2. This shouldnt be an available teleporter from all Entropia destinations. The requirement should be that you are first on Next Island. Otherwise whats the point?

    There's something I learned about while in university film class called Suspension of Disbelief. Its a two way street. The audience to a certain level must be willing to suspend their disbelief in a scenario, but the studio must also be willing to provide an environment that accommodates such an attitude.

    It doesnt seem to me right now anyway that MindArk seems all that concerned with protecting the integrity of each individual planet partners projects. Am I wrong by being somewhat concerned that there wont be enough separation between planet partners, and that EU is creating a hodgepodge where eventually no world will make complete sense -- suffering from various levels of pollution (intrusion) by items from planet partners with wildly different concepts?


    Edit - Just confirmed ingame that you cannot see Ancient Greece on Auction from Calypso, and you cannot TP directly to it. This is good. Although now Im confused about the use of the platforms with the greek figure, the purple ziggurat, etc. Obviously I was mistaken, but I thought those were going to be needed in order to travel in time, that it wasnt going to be able to be accessed from just any teleporter.
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