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Discussion in 'Missions & events' started by cent, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. cent

    cent Discoverer of the Island Shirt ;)

    Has anyone had success with this secret mission yet?

    I remember this post from Meg's Feb. 17th blog on hoplite armor "There will be several pieces of hoplite armor released as blueprints in March. We plan to release one piece as a reward for a new mission, and then let players find the rest as crafting loot."

    Though that statement is somewhat ambiguous and could mean that one of the BP's would be a mission reward (as we did get the Greaves BP for a mission) I understood it to mean that one piece of armor would be awarded for a mission. I'm hoping I'm right and that the Derma mission rewards armor.

    Any input here would be great!
  2. Soloman

    Soloman The Replacement Archon

    Hi Cent,

    I've completed the mission. I have the item you need to start it. I'll be back in game in a few hours if you would like to work out a way for you to do it as well.

  3. cent

    cent Discoverer of the Island Shirt ;)

    That would be great Sol, thank you! Sorry I did not see this post until now and won't be back on until tomorrow. I will look for you in game and here on the forum tomorrow. Thanks! Cent
  4. Sounds to me you're tryin to make a quick PED b4 the info gets out :)

    Any1 else did that mission ? ... sharing is caring u know ... :)
  5. Not yet, in greece actually, will try to start it again when i come to npc, i've completed few things since last try.
  6. Soloman

    Soloman The Replacement Archon

    Good morning Islanders,

    I'm going to start sharing the information here that I've been sharing directly to people as I am asked questions around Crystal Center. Fully revealing everything here might be a slow, drawn out process, but I want to give as many people a chance to do the mission themselves and in enjoy it with as few spoilers out there as possible.

    First, I want to quote Meg's reply to my post that was made when I first discovered the two Demra Slicer blueprints and the Slicer it's self (

    And the most recent patch notes (

    That being said, I made a special trip back to Calypso to pick up the Demra Slicer and rushed back. As soon as made it back I began searching for the history Buff. Eventually, I presented the Slicer to the one person I should have thought of right away, Professor Albert Kardsten.

    View attachment 1019

    And the rest of the tale I will have to finish at a later time. Need to get back to work. Will share more another time soon and if you see me in game, feel free to ask me questions.


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  7. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    YES! Awesome!
  8. Do you just have to have the item on you, not give it to him right? If so, anyone want to let me borrow it? :)
  9. What's the reward for demra mission?
  10. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Right, the item is required, but it not consumed in the mission. So a player could well make some Ped renting it out to others to complete this story. The usual caveats about lending your possessions to other avatars always apply!
  11. 50 click Hoplite Helmet BP(L)
  12. I like the idea of having an item having several purposes, such as the Demra slicer, that is basically a weapon, required for a specific mission.

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  13. Added the Discovering Darma mission on the Wiki. Wanted to add a picture but I didn't see an option to do that. Will add the little clue here :)

    Entropia 2012-04-13 15-35-02-37.jpg

    Good thing I took pictures the text wasn't on the screen long enough to read. (although its posted in the mission log) :)
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