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Discussion in 'Other games and gaming' started by Faceof, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. Wistrel

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    None of these videos work any more
  2. San


    Oh... it was about No Man's Sky.
  3. Wistrel

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    hehe someone beat me to it... I'm just reviewing the pitch now... personally... my bullshit detector is threatening to hit red alert. I'm very aware that the Unigene engine on its own tech demos alone is very nice. There is a lot of "we plan to" and "will be" in the video and not a lot of "we have made".

    OK I am being extra harsh and I admit MA have made me skeptical over the years. But I am picking up that the video is very formulaic and is very much promising everyone ideas that we all know sell. And people get suckered in. I am very aware that what they have shown off so far is very early on. They have some nice tech ground work going on but tech is cool however it isn't a finished game that is any fun to play.

    The two things are oceans apart. Many people have said that NOMS is just a tech demo for instance (although that could be sour grapes by gamers that simply dislike that sort of game).

    Anyhow, we will see. I expect they will be funded.

  4. Tass

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    A completely different new game will have a one day open beta stress test thingie tomorrow. First it was just a 'mini-game' inside The Witcher 3 but it was good enough for many people to only play Gwent in the Witcher instead of the actual main game. So CD Project RED created completely new massively improved and extended standalone version. And that's how to join the free open beta tomorrow:
    1. create a GOG account: and after account creation stay logged in
    2. enter the email you used for GOG account creation there:
    And that's it, just be quick since it's really limited and many people are desperately waiting for it.
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    It was amazing how quickly the gaming community trashed No Man's Sky. Overhyped, repetitive, and the visual WOW! factor wore off after about 5 hours. Steam lost a lot of money to people asking for their money back. Which is actually too bad because of the inherent potential of a self generating universe.
  6. Wistrel

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    I wouldn't say Steam (i.e. Valve) lost money. They introduced the refund feature to be fair to the consumers. The consumers were not happy therefore no money was lost. The people who liked the game kept it.

    From what I personally heard most refunds were because people didn't like the control system or how badly the game had been ported. There were always going to be those who didn't like it because the game play was always going to be niche.

    Many people think they want an open ended game but the reality is they really want someone to tell them to go here and shoot that rince and repeat.

    To add to this, I don't actually believe the game was overhyped. Nothing was particularly overhyped just somehow people got hyped about something that should have always been a niche small scale indie game.

    Now star citizen.... now THAT is overhyped and it is done by the people making the game not the community.
  7. RAZER

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    No Man's Sky, well I was kinda excited about that, but after playing for a few days it got boring already. Have not played it after the first week I bought it I think.

    I understand why a company tries to hype their game before it is released and I kinda get why a community does it but these days it is more about the games that are not hyped but turn out to be big hits. To be able to do that you REALLY have to make a very good game, and those do not come by to often.

    'This War of Mine' is one of those for me, not that I play it much, but it is a VERY good game. 'ARK: Survival Evolved' might be one too. Probably a bit hyped before hand, but still a good game, that is stil getting updates and after a break I started playing again this week.
  8. Wistrel

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    yeh they have no luck. You know they also had a long legal problem with Sky who said the name wasn't allowed because it had Sky in it (I kid you not). Another personal annoyance was that Hello Games were meant to attend last year's Game City Festival in Nottingham but couldn't in the end for unknown reasons but I picked up hints that it had something to do with Sony being all "Mr Exclusive" about the game... >_< the game should never have gone hype or big it was never going to be a mass appeal game much like Entropia isn't.
  9. Tass

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    Maybe check out Osiris: New Dawn, it has just entered early access and has some similarities with EU:

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  10. The DUAL project get funded and 51 hours left to collect more money...

  11. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    yh knew they would.,.. I'm still not convinced.... something about it smells funny...
  12. Norbert

    Norbert Cartoon Head

    Leave ND alone!!!
  13. San


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