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Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by Phunkygeeza, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I just finished scoring the March 2008 diary, and there were some strong entries this time around. It was good to see more 'proof' appearing so some higher scores given out by me, and I guess the other judges.

    As a tip, I tended to score on the breadth of entrants experiences, rather than repetition of the same things - other judges might do differently...

    And on that note, I think it is time to announce that I will now be standing down as a judge of the NOTM contest.

    I think NOTM is a brilliant contest and unfortunately I haven't been able to give the judging the full attention it deserves. Hopefully someone else will now come forward who will judge this great and worth competition.

    I will be hopefully concentrating on ensuring the forum system continues to improve into the new version, and hopefully adding new features to help support NOTM, POTM, Canley and the other great events we feature here.

    I suggest this time that a judge should be selected by voting from candidates who put themselves forward, so the job goes to someone with the time and passion to dedicate to the task.

    It's not a huge amount of effort - far from it and it's rewarding in turn.
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  2. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Thankyou Phunksta for your good work as a NOTM judge. :ok:

    Three cheers from me. :D
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  3. What's involved, well your basic duty will be to mark the "Diary" , you may have to take over my duties should i become indisposed. Any ideas you have to improve any aspect of the Comp will be appreciated.
    Open to anyone but not future Competitors.
    If you can spare approx 1 hour per month then please post your interest .

    I thank Phunksta for all the time , effort , ped , input etc etc that he has put into the Comp so far and for future support
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  4. still need a judge ;)
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  5. I will do another round being as NOTM is just starting up again - unless someone steps up to the plate before the comp starts?
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