New Linzey owner also purchased Stryker ? :'D

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, May 12, 2019.

  1. Sadly I havent kept track of all avatar sales...because it simply were too many.

    I got one of the biggest oldskool-friendlist ingame...and it was always a bit disturbing, when "your old fellow" suddenly answered in cryptic words...just to reveal, that the avatar got purchased via paypal.

    I always wondered what happened to Stryker and his many, many brothers, that used the avatar 24/ helena posted something, I must have a thread about "premium" user messi. And its still open for discussion... ^^

    new linzey and stryker avatars.jpg
  2. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    These kind of discussions are always kind of weird considering that the administrator of that forum himself bought another avatar and has used multiple avatars. And what did MA do? They gave him 24k player deposited bucks for a database of player created content worth just 2.4k bucks and hired him for overpriced rates to administrate their outdated underdeveloped forum.
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  3. NotAdmin

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    So what's the implication from Helena's and the quoted guys' post?

    It partially reads as if there's one or multiple people buying up high level accounts, and then using them to win events by using multiple avatars. Another part reads as if these new avatars are being favoured loot-wise somehow (which would mean involvement from MindArk to make that happen). I also somehow read it as if it might have been MA themselves who bought the avatars (maybe that's just me? If that was the case, AND these avatars would then be used to win valuable event prizes, it'd imply MA is actively skimming the loot pool by claiming prizes, selling them off, and then the PED's dissappear).

    And these bought avatars are ebing used to do what? Hunt 24/7? They'd still be making a loss, especially now loot is more "balanced" to the tune of returning 90%. How's hunting 24/7 make sense at this time?
  4. 1st of all...


    I know gritsn's old avatar since 2004. And even if I had not much conversations with him lately, I fully support his mistrust.

    And while some claim, him and helena are just messi has a giant bankroll...some say this smells fishy since ages.
    The truth is out there...
    Well, everything is public information anyway...more or less.

    Its not only helena, beeing aware of uber-avatars getting sold to new "owners".
    The linzey example is even valid without a tinfoil hat. :)

    I wont post of which avatar-sales I know, as it was always a lengthy, very friendly, understandable discussion, about...that seller and buyer simply dont want to let the public know. And it worked...more or it was well known avatars, with many, many people on their friendlist. Posts like helenas are very, very rare.

    It is also no secret, that the login data of many high skilled avatars, gets shared between 5-10 players.
    (to not interrupt the 24/7 theory and/or events)

    Your idea of Mindark using these uber-avatars doesnt sound way off...easy money, easy PR. ;)

    Anyway, its not a secret, that many oldskoolers are no longer behind several well known avatars...and that the sale did not happen at Mindarks office...but simply via paypal or bank transfer.
  5. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Just to few a wthing things here. Gtoiz = uses 'paid for' people (he admitted it once) to run his account. Btriz is not Mr squeeky cean. He never has been (search the inof your yourself) its yoru job.

    2nd. H1st thing he did after a ban = repost similar stuff (not saying ban is right but ouch. We wont see him again there for 1 month this time. Watch ).

    Grtiz is right about only 1 thing that TEn event. Rest ofo his speech = about HIM (err and his 2 paid 'employees')
    Hes up a LOT of money don't be crying over HIM. Wake up :)
  6. When you talk about favouritism and Mindark closing their eyes about their own rules...

    I just cant believe mr Darkaruki owns so many SGA items, i guess they fell magically in his avatar inventory :

    And that's an Official mindark sale !!! with a link on mindark website :

    Quote Mindark


    And I 100% agree with Forgo about totally UNFAIR behaviour one more time orchestrated by mindark
    In the swedish tradition to writte rules and never respect them in profit purpose.


    And after so much evidences, some of you are still wondering if Mr Darkaruki is honnest ? lol...
    Fairness is not really a mindark concept, so talk about honnesty...
  7. I did a full screenshot of this official announcement
    before Mr Darkaruki claims he also had Ancient weapons, Mod MercT10, Modified Shadow and FEN items lol...

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  8. 1.) "Now that you work here, give avatar !"

    2.) "You are fired !"
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  9. Btw, I dont remember MIndark doing a special sale thread for Mr Foeburner Nighthawk Delta who is known under his mindark official name as "Ludwig", who had 2 magic drops of CLD on totally rubbish mobs argo and repesilex lol when you see that rare people who had 2 drops are known ubers grinding like hell !


    And after you see mindark doing official statement pretending there have never been favouritism in the game,
    and for sure not to hidden avatars directly linked to them...
    What a fucking joke mindark...

    * I've been searching for this official statement, I can't find it for now, will post later when I can get it...
  10. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Its a theory (not 100% fact) these days all programming is outsourced (to a good team guess who). :)
  11. San


    The place to hunt for these is called Auction House and drops are a bit irregular, but neither rarity nor price make it very difficult. I collected a set of Shogun SGA also and it's quite fun to do so, like visiting flea markets.
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  12. Wistrel

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    I guess he had a "thing" for SGA stuff. Each to their own. I think with MA you can either freeze or sell off your account? I guess he's had enough.

    Maybe we should start a petition... no one buy his stuff till he's got MA to undo ALL (not just some) of the damage they did to the control system... (of course it won't work... never does)
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  14. Ya, I read her profile before.

    But now onyl confirmed users can read her...I wonder why... :p
  15. San


    I could read it just now, not logged in. Well, I don't want to read it really, just checking if I could. Disused or deleted my Twitter account, can't remember even. Last access was definitely before installation of this current OS and browser so there can't be a trace of a valid session cookie left. There doesn't seem to be a barrier. Could it be country specific?
  16. Logged in or as visitor...cant read her anymore...did you try Ctrl+F5 for a hard reload of her site ?

    juni twiiter users.jpg
  17. Opomba 2019-05-27 214717.gif
  18. San


    As said, I had no possible traces of it in cache or cookies, but even after hard reload it's the same. Forgot to mention I had Javascript and images disabled to save data volume transferred over the mobile. Some sites use very simple client-side techniques to obscure content which are circumvented this way, though I haven't examined if this is the case here. But if it works for Dan also? Weird.

  19. As of works again. @_@
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