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    Well, i made site for mentoring and ill probably link its source for sweating events to this site, so basicly all the threads here will be deleted :) and new rules applied.
    also, people check new site:
    forum of site is gonna be updated soon, and will probably lead here, to this new subforum :)
    Also, i would like for phunksta to p.m. me about renewing this to NEWBIE FREE EVENTS, and inside will be fruit gathering events, hide and seek, sweating, noob hunts, and others that people can suggest me to keep.
    also i would like people who are interested in mentoring newcomers to p.m. me.
    1. Must be playin for more than 2 years
    2. must be online each day(or available via some other service to his disciple)
    3. Must be fair and justfull, and also skilled.....
    4. Must be eloquent in speaking language disciple speaks(usually english)

    THX and hope this goes as well as all last did :)
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  2. Godthatfailed

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    Event forum changed, soon rules update to come.... modifying them so theres no way to cheat.... .soon incomin :)
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