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Discussion in 'Next Island News & Information' started by Meg, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Just wanted to let you know that we've got a Next Island blog at, where we're posting news about the game and updates. I've got a personal section where I talk about working a million hours per week and post pictures of what we're doing.

    And let me know if you've got an avatar blog or Next Island-related site... our blogroll's looking a little thin.
  2. +rep and a very nice blog :)

    Question: Why don't we have the postings of the main blog on the frontpage of Nextislandlife that before this hadn't been updated since the NINYCGC on December?
    This way you wouldn't have to do twice the work and our frontpage wouldn't seem deserted even though there are things going on but only posted elsewhere...

    P.S. Could we put the link to the blog in the client loader?
  3. Yeah I hate the fact that news isn't in one place. I read about things going on in NI that aren't even mentioned here. :palm:
  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I think a feed of the blog here is a great idea, You should also check with entropiaplanets and see if they will post a feed of it as well, Im pretty sure they have a couple feeds like that already.

  5. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    We have a blog headline feed on the left there, under Next Island News RSS. I've been a bit loathe to spam the blog around on the loader, especially since I post pictures and personal chat about working a million hours.

    I also post news at, so any Facebook addicts can get your Next Island fix there, too.
  6. It is indeed there, but too far down on the page... and the client loader has seen way worse things than someone who works :D
    Don't make us hunt for information! Convince the Boss about the importance of keeping the community up to date :D
  7. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    I went ahead and moved the NI News widget up one spot and moved the twitter widget down. So no matter what now you should be able to see it first thing...
  8. Nice work there Enzo, it really makes a difference :)

  9. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    I know you didn't ask Meg, but I see others commented on the feeling that we need to have more 'news' in one place, so I have a thought or two I'd like to share as well.

    I understand that the NI 'live team' is still being formed somewhat and that at this point NDS is not in charge of anything other than 3D graphics. That means that Enzo etc are just helping out here when they can I guess until everything settles into place. While that is happening here are the thoughts in my mind about the future direction of the forum as an information source.

    Please tell your boss that even though forums are 'old skool', and clearly he wants to focus on social media instead to attract the 'casual' gamer, the simple truth is that once you have attracted them, gaming communities tend to rely heavily on forums still for news and game info, as well as interaction with others, and best of all (when it is a good healthy official forum) interaction with the owners/devs that shows they actually care about the community (the end users of the product). This forum is a very valuable asset that has not been efficiently utilized up until now, and yes, it has felt abandoned pretty much in favor of twitter and facebook etc. I find myself having to check here, twitter, facebook, your blogs etc, as well as other forums, to try to get some idea of what's going on with the game, and that's too much really. So far the social media 'shots' have mostly been about the PR circuit as well, and often seem to describe a different reality than the one we see inside the game, so isn't really relevant to those who are actually playing and trying to build the new community.

    The social media and blogs are simply not the same thing as a well oiled forum, those things work for PR shots, but not to bring the community together, give them encouragement and hope, nor to answer their questions and concerns as well as benefit from their feedback (those actually playing on the live server are a wellspring of valuable information).

    Just my two pecs :)
  10. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Well said Lee! I agree 10000% :)

  11. I'll second that :D
  12. I second that! :)
  13. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    You are so right -- the forums are a really important part of our community! I'm trying to spend more time on the forums and in world, as well as the blog, twitter, FB, demos, presentations, etc., but **blah blah blah, insert my usual rant about not having enough hours in the day for everything I need to do blah blah blah**
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