Next Island Celebrates Their One Year Anniversary & Gives Away an Epic Gaming Rig from iBuyPower to

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by Tass, Dec 30, 2011.

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    Next Island, a free-to-play MMO Game, has partnered with one of the top custom gaming-system providers to offer their new users a chance to win an amazing PG gaming rig. The promotion is part of Next Island’s one year anniversary, which the company is celebrating this December.

    “We couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with iBuyPower. They’re a leader in creating complete computing solutions that meet the needs of gamers.” said Paul Radil, CGO at Next Island LLC.

    Official Contest


    ABOUT THE PRIZE: iBuyPower custom rig that features an Intel Core i7 960 Tray, 12GB of Memory, 60GB Hard Drive, DVD/BLU-RAY and 4GB Video Card.

    (1) Download Next Island (
    (2) Create a free account
    (3) Fill out an entry form
    (4) Play the game and keep those fingers crossed!
    Join the utopian scientists, great artists and successful entrepreneurs who populate the tropical paradise of Next Island. As a part of Entropia Universe, the game features a real-cash economy where gamers are able to earn money by participating in various activities within the virtual world.

    About Next Island: Next Island is a free-to-play MMOG (massively multiplayer online game). Next Island is a planet in the Entropia Universe. The game features an epic virtual world with stunning graphics and a real-cash economy where gamers can make money.

    About Entropia Universe: MindArk’s vision is to expand the virtual universe and be the global leader and pioneer within the 3D Internet. MindArk is looking for Planet Partners that want to be a part of the continuous expansion of Entropia Universe by implementing their unique concepts, businesses and ideas into new unique planets. The model for realizing this vision is based on a commercial collaboration between MindArk and its Planet Partners. Both parties bring their own expertise to the table, MindArk in technology and operations of virtual worlds, the Planet Partner in game concepts and content, marketing and business operations.

    Press Contact:
    Justin Moodley
  2. Tass

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  3. Good Luck to who ever wins getting their prize. Still waiting since August to get a 200ped prize from them!
  4. Nice comp. and congrats to whoever won. Pity no-one at NI thought it was worth putting anything on the NI forum about the anniversary, or at least anywhere I can see.
  5. They didn't add anything to the forum. I sure you have noticed that don't give a shit about the forum or their players.

    What a pity! Its sad to see it all go down hill.
  6. Wistrel

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    I was confused by this competition. I think it was the account info I couldn't remember.
  7. It does seem confusing - entry requirements seem to say that it's only open to new players as they include creating an account.

    Re: my previous post, I notice that the comp. is mentioned on the NextIsland front page, in the twitter/RSS feed list, and it was on Facebook, it's just not mentioned in the Competitions section of the NI fourm.
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