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  1. Post info on Next Island Missions as it becomes available and i'll endeavour to keep this up to date.
    Addtionally will create a summary reward chart as more missions are released.

    See Monkey Guide for Additional Monkey info.

    UPDATED 07/03/2011

    * Those having problems with the missions, cancel them and start with the 'Glorious Beginnings' mission *

    Next Island Mainland Missions (8 in Total)

    Glorious Beginnings! - Island at Crystal Resort Beach Lodges TP (136472, 83660) - EXPLORING

    - Find HANK the repair papoo (136389,84754)
    - Reward: None

    Get to the Village - HANK Crystal Resort Beach Lodges TP (136389,84754) - EXPLORING

    - Get to the Village, Talk to FRANK (136421,84354)
    - Must run from Hank to the village by following the yellow Village signs.
    - Reward: Perception (TT - ???)

    A Republic of Letters - Atiu Crystal Resort TP (136470,84358) - EXPLORING

    - Seek out Akau the First Village Elder - *BUG* Monkey is called Hoku (CR-Beach Lodges TP then 136388,83769)
    - Visit Kamole the Second Elder (CR-Beach Enterance TP then 137048,84269)
    - Locate Tane the Third Elder (Neophyte Village TP then 138172,83936)
    - Reward: 1 Point Agility

    Franks Friends - FRANK Crystal Resort TP (136421,84354) - EXPLORING

    - Get to Rutile Beach (TP - 136532, 86598, then to the marker at 136192,86982)
    - Get to Hunters Waterfall Outpost (TP - 134434, 87442)
    - Get to Neophyte Village (TP - 138043, 83951)
    - Get to The Ancient Ruines (TP - 138703, 82885)
    - Reward: Noob Club (TT - 1.00)

    The Proving Grounds I - TANK Crystal Village Ruins (136187,84002) - HUNTING

    - Challenge & Defeat 10 Papoos (Any regular Papoo - Peptite Papoo do not count, any location)
    - Eco Tip: Brown Papoo Young
    - Reward: Melee Combat Skill (TT - 0.01)

    The Proving Grounds II - TANK Crystal Village Ruins (136187,84002) - HUNTING

    - Challenge & Defeat 20 Papoos (Any regular Papoo - Peptite Papoo do not count, any location)
    - Eco Tip: Brown Papoo Young
    - Reward: 1 Point Stamina

    Papoo Infestation - Rongo (136321,84353) - HUNTING

    - Kill 20 Papoo (Any petite or regular Papoo, any location)
    - Eco Tip: Brown Papoo Young will count toward this and Proving grounds Mission
    - Reward: 1 Point Strength

    Sebastian View - Sebastian (136299,84377,248) - HUNTING

    - Seb wont talk to some avars
    - Mission is received multiple times with 30 min between each activation - as many BPs as you like!
    - Kill 50 Boar
    - Reward: Time Travel Crystal BP (L) (TT - 0.01)

    Pesky Boars I - Sebastian (136299,84377,248) - Unknown

    - Unknown

    Ancient Greece Missions (4 in Total)

    Glorious Greece Beginning! - Amazon NPC Location ??? (pos ???) - TYPE ???

    - Reward: ??

    Test Your Might - Amazon NPC Location ??? (pos ???) - TYPE ???

    - Reward: ??

    Andromache Amazon Defection - Amazon NPC Location ??? (pos ???) - TYPE ???

    - Reward: ??

    Amazon War Part I - Amazon NPC Location ??? (pos ???) - TYPE ???

    - Reward: ??
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  2. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Frank's Friends: (Frank the papoo, Crystal Resort 136419, 84354)
    Learn the NI basics by going to five locations. Possibly bugged or I missed something. First spot on map shown by mission tracker is small island around 136176, 86922, where my mission was updated and a loot window popped up automatically, though I found no npc there. The loot/reward was some muscle oil and one Labradorite crystal, which from it's descripion may relate to time travel (see the crystal list here). I did notice so can't say if I got any skill reward, hopefully others can fill in the blanks.

    Next areas to reach are Rutiile Beach, Hunter's Waterfall Outpost, Neophyte Village and Ancient Ruins. Having the tps made all of that easy, but I didn't find any mission npc 'friends' at any of them (though I admit I didn't spend much time on really), and despite getting all of the areas objectives ticked as completed, the original objective of finding his friends remains uncompleted. I went back to him, he just asked if I was having trouble, which opened tutorials on things like how to use the map, so as I said, either bugged or I missed something like npcs. (we also need to find Hank, which the mission says is the monkey who sent me to Frank, only I don't know where he is and haven't clicked him lol.)
  3. Both missions were bugged for me. Anyone else able to complete them?
  4. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    Just to let everyone know. We are aware that there are some bugs and issues with the missions on Next Island. We will be working with MA to try and get this fixed and working properly as soon as we can. Sad to say its a Friday so look for some fixes next week (estimate)
  5. both miss bugged for me too, how did you finish it Dr -M-? maybe it's 100 papoos instead of 10 and that is a typo?
  6. yay finished the Tank mission, I think they cannot be petit papoos, only regular papoos count
  7. Fox


    Frank mission bugged. All places found, all TPs there entered, but no NPCs just hords of red and yellow papoos... Not Franks friends, I think...

    And yes, the hunting mission from Tank is only completed after killing ten Papoos. Red or brown, but no Petite Papoos...
  8. Unfortunately, I have not been able to complete either mission.
    Visiting any of the Four other monkeys does not complete Find Franks Friends objective.
    Killing 10 papoos of all types, for me, did not make a difference - even after restarting the mission.
    Some can kill 10 only of any type (petide papoo, papoo), some only regular papoo.
    Lets see what happens once the bugs are fixed.

    Update - third retry: Killing regular Papoo completes mission - Petite Papoo do not count.
  9. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    I was able to complete the mission for Tank with no problem, I did notice it seemed like I had killed more than 10 before the mission completed message popped up, and just assumed that meant it was a specific kind of monkey only that counted. Has anyone found Hank? I understand he may have a mission as well? Any info appreciated.
  10. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    BTW, I noticed I got the Frank mission as 'completed' on my avi's facebook that uses the MA app, so even though it is bugged and the main objective is not yet marked as done, it is completed. Particularly if you got that loot window pop up when getting to the first location I'd guess.
  11. Is the missions working yet i have done franks friends i have been to all locations i go back to frank and nothing happens it still says find friends i have them all tho i never got a reward no time travel crystal nothing , is it still bugged or what ?
  12. Frank's friends mission is still bugged, and will be until we get a new VU. Fingers crossed for Tuesday, since that will hopefully bring up a lot of other fixes
  13. Has anyone tested Franks mission to see if it was fixed?
  14. Soloman

    Soloman The Replacement Archon

    It works but...

    I got an error while completing it. I will call support and see what I can find out.
  15. Franks mission now do many newer missions. Please post any missing info so i can update the list. Cheers.
  16. Papoo infestation eco tip
    Petit papoo count for this mission but...

    Pro eco tip take one of The Proving Ground missions at the same time, all the normal papoos you kill for this also count for the Papoo infestation mission
  17. Thanks for the info Mal, some thought the kills did not count towards both. Info Updated :)
  18. they count if you kill the regular papos, if you kill the petit it only counts for papoo infestation
  19. Find Franks friends is completed by going to the locations marked on the map. You dont actually find any of his friends, the response given to him is basically "I looked but nobody was there."

    Sebastian wont respond to me. Is it professional level restricted or avatar development restricted in some way? Hank also wont talk to me, but Frank does. So does Tank and Atiu. Rongo does not.
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