Next Island Mission List, Locations, Details and Rewards

Discussion in 'Missions & events' started by Dr -M-, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Thank you.

    I see now that the last thread update was actually March 7th 2011, not yesterday July 3rd. :)
  2. LOL don't ya hate it went they write the date backwards :)
  3. According to MA support they work now but I will wait till one or two try them first as its a long way in sleipnir MKI

  4. red


    sebastian is long gone - with his other monkey buddies like frank and tank. that's probably a good thing. the new robots are better at providing a starting point for new people. perhaps, in the future, they will have additional opportunities for the rest of us.
  5. As the OP hasn't updated this thread in ages, maybe somebody can start a new missions thread....please?
    Then this one can sink out of sight and, hopefully nobody will be midled by it again

    jay :)
  6. all missons are dead :( this sux
  7. Hi there

    I need some info about "Arachne dilemma" mission,what mob parts I need to get "Athenian tunic" ? I don't have time to grind Greece mobs.Thanks

    P.S. I have 1 hour a day to play EU ,to get 15 chlorite crystals I grind f.cking petit brown pappo for 3 days , WTF ? Devs couldn't found more rare pars for armor?
  8. I think you need 20 minotaur horns and 20 minotaur tails iirc. Can't get ingame to check at the moment.
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