NIP P4 (L)

Discussion in 'Items' started by WangXiang, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. This Next Island handgun has already been crafted several times. I haven't found any detailed information about it though, so it might be useful to give its characteristics here.

    NIP P4 3.jpg

    NIP P4 1.jpg

    NIP P4 2.jpg

    NIP P4 4.jpg
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  2. It's a lovely weapon with low requirements, but with that low ammo consumption it seems its life will be short...

    A UL version of that on the other hand... mmmmm!
  3. That's what I thought, it seems to do good damage with low amount of ammo. So these must decay pretty fast then?
  4. A decay test would be nice ... P3 has good stats but last for about 1K shots, thus making it's MU unworthy in current crafting requirements

    Nevertheless, thx for sharing Wang :)
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