Noob mining diary by Mahuna

Discussion in 'Skills & professions' started by Mahuna, May 7, 2011.

  1. Hello 2 all, I have read some entropia mining forums and people are writing their logs of mining. So I came up with idea to write my own, becouse I couldn't find here something like that.

    First i wonna thank some people for helping me, when I just started (about 15 days ago). Big thanks goes to my soc (and some other people), and the biggest thank you goes to John :). They really helped me from the begining and I really aprishied it. Without them I couldn't "survive" 24h :).

    Just to clarify things, this is NOOB mining log, so don't make jokes with me , pls :).I will not drop 1000 probes, i would be happy with 20 in one run. :)

    With the help from good people i have managed to buy some mining stuff. (enmatter mining)

    Finder : Ziplex Ju10 MatterSeeker
    Extractor : Energy Extractor EE/01

    So in the next 48h you can expect my first report from my first run. All enmatter will be sold to Trade Papoo, i will keep it in my storage for 24-48h so if someone wonna buy something please post here and we will make a deal. :)

    wish me luck
  2. red


    best of luck.

    however, I wouldn't sell any of it to the trade monkey. try to make as large a pile as you can. it's easier to sell that way - even if you resort to the auction.
  3. I had 10 probes and here are the results of my first run. ( I was very happy)

    Probe 2
    Crude Oil (Ample IX) - 1546 = 15,46PED

    Probe 3
    Melchi Water (Tiny II) -32 = 0.64PED

    Blood Moss (Tiny II) - 6 = 0.54PED

    Probe 6
    Crude Oil (Average VII) 646 = 6,46PED

    Probe 9
    Lytairan Dust (very poor III) - 10 = 1,90PED

    Total spent Probes + Decay = 5,67PED

    Total get 25PEDs

    PROFIT = 19,33PED (TT)
  4. red


    that's a very good run. even excluding the ample - which is out of the ordinary, it is still a good run.

    remember to make a note of the areas in which you found these things so that you can go back and get more. unless someone gets there first, of course.
  5. Remember that it takes time for an area to come off the "black list" so don't rush right back to the same area as you will find little if anything there. Also the exact claim size's will not respawn but the resource type will. The area you found that blood moss in is important because of the high markup on blood moss.

    Gratz on the exceptionally good run. Most runs that small end up with more lost then gained, most people go with at least 100probes.
  6. ok, thank you for tips, I made notes of all my important finding :)
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