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  1. Tass

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    The past ~4 years I 've just logged in EU every couple of months, mostly to check something out, kill a few mobs and leave again. I'm now back for a little more than that but have to re-learn pretty much everything :)

    So here some noob questions. If someone has noob questions too feel free to add them to the thread.

    1. As an old avatar can I still do the newbie missions at Half Moon Bay? If yes, where do I start?

    2. I've entered The Gauntlet Stage I once to record data for mapping the instance... Now at the Gauntlet Organizer if I click to enter stage I or II the dialogue closes without anything happening. Is this as designed or is there something wrong?

    Probably many more to come :)
  2. Wistrel

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    1. Yes you can... as for start point... I'm not sure. I remember at some point things got moved around. There is bay and cresent? I may remember this wrong. I think some got moved to the one with the bigger beach... I'm sorry I don't think I'm remembering right.

    My guess is that, whereever newbies spawn on Caly now, that probably links you through the suggested order.
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  3. San


    I've also done a number of the newer starter quests without getting any red tape. Don't remember most details off the top of my head, but Entropiawiki has received a lot of work also and you should find there what you want to know.
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  4. I believe Gauntlet does have a skill max level. If you are still below that, do it so you get the fap if you don't have it already. Every planet has a lot of n00b missions... Do em.

    Yes, entropiawiki has a lot of info. I've started a 'link list' on pcf at that has a lot of different links to various things over the years...

    Something I'm working on personally at the moment, ever so slowly is my Low HP Quest self challenge..

    (basically doing each iron mission for every mob in game with below 20 hp as a way to skill up a bit without breaking the bank. If you haven't gone to cyrene yet, check it out... the upgraded fap mission is swell... and the maze hammer has converted from L to UL now. Not sure if you can buy more than one after that change or not, but I still have a bunch in inventory from before the conversion and am using em to up HP quite a bit on these little missions... I usually end up going through about 3 and a half of em or so in full tt value when I go hunting all 'buffy' with loot pills and skill pills active )
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  5. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Thanks, but I really really don't go to PCF :)

    Entropiawiki is basically a copy of game data which can be very useful but in this case we need the meta data :)

    But that's where Entropia Planets Wiki can fill the gap. It has (hopefully) all release notes related to The Gauntlet:

    Looking at this statements it should work like this: Every avatar with at least 1 combat profession on level 10 will be able to enter both Gauntlet stages once, below level 10 indefinitely. The statement "Changed the Gauntlets to require exactly 2 players" from early June 2018 is obviously incorrect or not precise because I entered Stage I for the first time earlier this week and I was just 1 player. And I did receive the rewards, the release notes and in-game info were not clear about this.

    Regarding question 1., this is solved now, the best chance for starting this is obviously at the landing platform at the beach at Camp Icarus. There should be a popup with a "Welcome to Camp Icarus!" dialogue mission thingie suggesting to talk to Sergeant Saana just a couple of meters north of the landing platform. In the dialogue with Sergeant Saana you need to choose to go to Half Moon Bay. On arrival at Half Moon Bay, with or without talking to Sergeant Saana at CI, you get another popup dialogue mission thingie leading to the next NPC just a couple of meters away.

    The problem might have been that I still had the predecessor mission from the NPC (Captain Hayes iirc) that was replaced with Sergeant Saana. After aborting it, relogging, CI back and forth, I finally got the expected popup. \o/
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  6. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Did I read or hear somewhere about a skinning or looting profession?
    If I was to go hunting is there an extra step I need to know about first vs. say 6months or a year ago?
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  7. There are no extra moves or clicks you would need to make. The mechanic of next target - auto use tool - loot - rinse - repeat is exactly the same.
    There is however an extra cut to your return - from what we know so far, level 0 to 100 in a looting profession (there are three) most likely corresponds to ~7% difference in expected tt return. You won't start from zero, however, and I don't think anyone is at lvl 100 yet.
  8. Tass

    Tass Administrator

  9. =100% - 7%*(100-efficiency)/100 - 7%*(100-looter)/100

    For a theoretical casual with 65 eff and 30 looter it would make 100%-2.45%-4.9%=92.65%

    This is just a null hypothesis (that assumes that both cuts are independent) but actual results I've been getting are pretty close to predicted by this (a bit higher in fact, so I wouldn't exclude possibility that with high eff and high looter you can go over 100% again).
  10. It's probably impossible to test whether both cuts are independent.

    If they are, 0 efficiency and 0 looter would yield 100%-7%-7%=86.00% return;
    If not, it'd be 100%*(100-7%)*(100%-7%)=86.49%

    So even at low levels the difference is too small to detect reliably.
  11. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

  12. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Great, so the next question would be what the efficiency formula does look like :)

    Regarding the efficiency chunk and the looter professions chunk this note comes to my mind: "Accounts created in 2017 have enjoyed returns of 96.94% on average since the changes implemented on Sept. 11" Dev Notes 14

    That was before the looter professions, so if separate from efficieny there should be a noticable drop in loot return for everyone but especially for the group of newly created accounts.

    If not separate that would mean a further dramatic reduction of the importance of efficiency, actually making many of the "eco" weapons look even more overpriced.
  13. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Another noob question: The Berycled Nest, is it repeatable?
  14. Yes, Because it is a wave event. So after a while it will restart. I haven't done that one in a while so I'm not sure if there is any reward. I know some wave events give combat tokens. ......I just did a little research and the Bery Nest doesn't seem to give combat tokens like the other wave events. So it seems to me it's just a good spawn if you want to grind out Berycled young - mature.
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  15. Fan_boy99

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    can I kindly ask why my new thread about something was not allowedd? I posted new article last weekend. been many admins on since then. post was not allowed. can I ask why or is this forum also pcf version 2?
  16. Tass

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    Sorry, it just wasn't noticed. There's a spam filter for messages with links from accounts with less than 10 posts. I've approved it now.

    There are currently no plans to sell EP totally overpriced to MindArk, have it administrated by scammer, liar and notorious rule breaker and suppress people's opinions ;)
  17. Tass

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    Thanks. I was assuming it's repeatable. I did it ~3 weeks ago and I've planned to record a video of it. But whenever I go there it's just as a I left it, eggs destroyed. There's no message saying when it will be available again like for every other wave event. That and the fact that The Gauntlet is inaccessible for me too makes me think that something is seriously wrong.
  18. San


    This is probably due to the proximity to the currently most populated spot on Calypso. I've managed once or twice to do it in relative peace, i.e. like no more than 2 other people joining. If you just want to grind Berycled, there are dedicated spots with very dense spawns that are much better, Sharpclaw Ridge and Sharpclaw Plateau (one with lower, one with higher maturities, never remember which is which). Also, in Shared Loot you won't get globals registered to your name, in case it means anything to you.

    If I'm not mistaken, the message which informs about cooldown time is only given to the finishers of one round. I've suggested to MA before that NPCs with that blue exclamation mark over their head and other event markers with a cooldown timer get a floating info line visible to everyone approaching, since the information is already delivered to the client, but as usually it had the same effect as posting to /dev/null.
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  19. Tass

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    And let's put them on the map as well. The development could be paid for by an craftable Advanced Mapping Device that adds info like this on your map. It could be further upgradable to show spawns and other stuff too. Or let's just have an general EU info system listing wave event status among pretty much all other info. ETA: 2022

    Back to topic, I got cooldown messages for The Pit before I did it, after a wave timed out because I was too slow and still after I've finished it multiple times. For Berycled Nest I never got any message. When I entered it first the location was added to the map and I received a new mission (The Berycled Nest). I've finished the event in that turn since then the situation is as described.

    I just hope new players don't have to wade through all this shit.
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