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  1. That little fort south of the Ridge is nice for lower maturity... kind of a pain in the ass during migration if there's too many migration mobs in there, but outside of migration it's nice area with a little buff event thing... After you kill so many bery you get health buff for a while if I remember correctly... that one is repeatable too... think it resets hourly or something after it's completed.
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    Another noob question: how do you get the buff to damage the Hogglo in MM Assault? I've killed elite Hispidusses but never got any buff from it and the Hogglo remained immune to any damage. Did I miss something? Is there a trick?
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  3. It turns immune after a time, then you have to go for another round of daikiba and hispidus, and then partially kill it some more.. it takes 3 or 4 tries depending on your dps. Obviously if not just for fun, you should only enter it with the biggest gun in the universe.
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    Thanks. I read the instructions and followed them carefully of course. They say the buff enabling damage to the Hogglo is given for killing the Hispidus. That buff should last 60 seconds. But I never got any buff when killing a Hispidus. I've tried to do damage to the Hogglo neverthelesss within the 60 seconds after killing the Hispidus but it's immune.

    It's just for fun more or less, I want to record the instance for documentation. But I guess I won't be able to finish it even with the everything working properly. I got to do the 35-45 profession level category because my highest profession level is 35.3, and all others professions are much lower :) Hispidus and Hogglo seem to deal a strange combo of damage only covered by not so common armor types, which I don't have. More and more Daikibas are spawing around the center with the boss making it increasingly impossible to go there without a crowd of raging Daikibas clinging to you. Base DPS is limited to 60 in my category, so you can't even bring the biggest gun. My UL gun has 48 DPS iirc, amped and with 5 slots of enhancers filled it still feels too weak. And then the instance has some freeze effect increasing reload time and another parameter I forgot, there's an option to get rid of the effect by standing close to a fire but you can't always do that. However, I'll give it one more try tonight.

    Someone reading this who's able to finish the instance and maybe record a video of it? Let me know please :)
  5. Cyrenes Inaugurates or Patrol armor should be good enough. Its really all round. It protects against a lot of exotic dmg.
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