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Discussion in 'Normandie Radio' started by Mel_Bosshart, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Normandie radio jingle event

    Normandie Radio has been given an apartment at Celeste Harbour to give away as part of the Arkadia Birthday Bash, and myself and the other Dj's of NR have been thinking of an event for you to win this apartment ...and this is what we have come up with :-

    The event will run for 30 days from today, to give you guys some time to think about it, and submissions will close on the 27th of August, with the winner being announced 1 week later.

    What we would like you to do is write a jingle to advertise planet Arkadia on the radio. It will need to be about 1 min - 1min 30 seconds long to read and in your own words, on how you would advertise the planet to make it welcoming to players.

    The winner of the event will have their jingle professionally made and be run on Normandie radio, and also win a nice apartment in Celeste Harbour

    We decided that as Arkadia Studio donated the apartment to be given away by NR we in return would give a little back to them by having a radio jingle made, written by one of the players.

    The winning entry will be selected by a panel of 5 judges from different aspects of Planet Arkadia, including one Normandie Radio DJ...judges names to be confirmed at a later date.

    All submissions must be sent to ..and will then be posted on the forum after the submission period ..this is to stop people getting ideas from other player's entries.

    good luck [​IMG]
  2. Hope you win Mel :)
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