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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Wistrel, Sep 15, 2014.

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    Well my Entropia activity has been a bit odd of late. If it happens at all, I seem to be logging in and just standing in one place watching the sky and Rookie chat and occasionally chipping in with some advice for those who ask it. I'm also finding I spend more time submitting support cases than I do playing now. It's become my new profession: "nusiance", I'm coming up on level 10 ;) nah it aint so bad. Support seem to be being very er... supportive of my efforts. Whether or not there is anyone at the end of their conveyor belt who can fix the issues is another question. Some stuff has been fixed though so at the moment at least I feel encouraged. I wonder how many support tickets Entropia gets every day actually... we'll never know.

    A bit before the failed Creature Control VU I was doing the missions out of half moon bay and quite enjoying the progression through the pass. I'm sorta still working on that but yeh come to a slight pause for now.

    Generally though I am feeling a little apathetic about Entropia at the moment. It feels like far too long since there has been a big change or something new/fun to do. There was a total lack of commitment to anything in this year's address so I don't feel very inspired about the next thing cause there doesn't seem to be one. The creature system would have been fun but from the looks of auction only a handful have been sold and all seem to be on Toulan and possibly Rocktropia. I can only assume this is deliberate from MA. ie they are essentially conducting a very small user trial. As to if this will ever be widespread enough for it to have been worth the effort of implementation in the first place is another question entirely.

    As for Crumpets.... it just makes me laugh

    Wistrel - September 2014
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