Oil rig field trip

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    Post your thoughts!

    Someone said that was the largest wormhole event ever to occur on EU. My opinion is that it was the largest lag I've ever seen. You people have definitely seen more, I guess. I managed however to get to the Wormhole after a crash, a disconnection and finally got to the oil rig. Tried to follow Ludde and everything was ok until he TPed and I was shot down. Stayed alive for about 2 minutes I think.:hehe:

    Did anyone of you out there got any oil?

    "I'll be back!!":cool: (With a modified FAP, of course... :) )
  2. I got there, and it was really really laggy.

    The first thing I did was examine the rig itself (no oil though!). Whilst I was standing there with an OJ a woman in black armor put a gun to the back of the OJ's head and PKed him. "That wasn't very nice", I thought. So I PKed her with two shots from my Justifier. :Sniper:

    I guess that upset someone, because then I was dead... :Beaten:

    After some major lag at the revival I TPed back to safety, spotting a big spider (chasing someone else!) on the way.

    What an interesting evening :Beer:

  3. sounds like it was very interesting what happend to the giant spider did it get to eat or is it still out there roaming the land trying to find a brave collonist to munch on
  4. Red Sonia

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    Big spider

    The big spiders are called Areanatrox - they are mean!

    My first ever meeting I was ina team of 3... the chat window went:-

    Red Sonia "Oh Shit"
    Red Sonia Died
    Team Mate 1 "Oooops"
    Team Mate 1 Died
    Team Mate 2 "What Happened"
    Team Mate 2 Died

    Now I just run!

    Let me know if oyu wanna find one.. if we can find about 25 people with big guns we can go and try and kill one :Sniper:
  5. ok sounds fun maybe one day after im not such a noob ^^
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