One Click

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  1. *Click*

    Softly the trigger on my universal vehicle repair toolkit, the RK-5, responds to my press and while I aim it at the reactor I hear the typical sound it makes when it kicks into action and transfers the nanobots that will take care of applying the welding wire into healing the structure.

    And still the Normandie is alive.

    *Boom* Loudly it sounds and I hear the scream of metal being rendered into shreds.
    *Click* Yet again a fraction of the structure is repaired.

    The wrist indicator shows that we are about to lose the command center, but I have to stay calm, stay at my post.
    Between the booming noises I can faintly hear the runner that stood at my side hurry to the command center.

    *Hiss* I hear the automated doors opening and closing and now I am alone at the reactor, the propulsion runner left us long ago, making it just in time so we did not lose the engines.

    One section lost means that the mothership will breach apart, hurling us all out into space.
    With only 12 engineers it is near to impossible to withstand pirates, but we are learning, we are getting better,
    with each


    And still the Normandie is alive!
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