MindArk: One of our NFT's is missing.... X'D

Discussion in 'MindArk' started by Wistrel, Jul 30, 2022.

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    Sounds like these 2 companies are a match made in heaven.
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  4. Wistrel

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    What I can't work out... is where Neverdie got to in all of this...
  5. San


    He got his experiences earlier than the others.
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  6. Where can the missing egg be?
    someone got a bit to greedy
  7. and this guy

  8. Wistrel

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    EarnPED.com.... rings a vague bell. Well trying to tell NFT/crypto enthusiasts that they are being scammed sounds a little bit like trying to tell alcholics not to drink. In fact it's probably worse... at least the alcholics probably know/believe they shouldn't drink... or have a chance of being convinced of the fact... you got no chance with the crypto worshippers... "a new NFT with an actual utility function? TAKE MY MONEY!!!!"
  9. NotAdmin

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    "They're not gonna wreck the game".

    *gestures at the previous 15 years of everything MA did to the game*

    Also, the comments to that video are the same as usual. Desperate PEDBros trying to scream hate at someone pointing out that EU is a shitty game ran by an unscrupulous gang of scammers.
  10. Wistrel

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    Wondered what you were talking about there for a mo but looks like you replied to the wrong post. But indeed, didn't check the comments (or indeed the video yet)but I can imagine they're the same old same old. TBH the title of the video is click bate anyhow and they've monetised it so well... that tells you all you need to know about the content.
  11. NotAdmin

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    Oh, it was a quote from the video. The last part of the movie is the author basically trying to persuade any of the "Stevies" (whatever the hell that is) to buy an egg for minimum bid price and then share the affiliate code with him, because "I am possibly one out of 3 people in the world who can put it to good use".

    He seems to be under the impression that if HE would apply for the affiliate spot, MindArk wouldn't mind (even though he spent the entire first 75% of the video calling them scammers). But he raised a few decent points about this latest scheme:

    * Pets are most likely useless, and hardly worth the 1200 USD being asked for
    * Affiliate links in EU won't work, as the drop-off rate is far too high
    * The entire scheme is deliberate miss-information by MA, maximally intended to lure in some poor suckers who fail to read up on who they'll be dealing with.
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  12. Would be better if they hatch peds rather than pets.
  13. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    I would disagree there. Pets are buffs, they can give you a decisive advantage, even more so in events. The right pet could be the sucessor of the Mod Merc. Giving the first few egg holders (lol) a nice advantage will cause higher sales for further egg editions with less or no advantage.

    Affiliate partnerships would still work if you had the reach and the context to balance out low conversion rates. For example, if someone had a long-running, properly SEO'ed site with info for new players... But that's also why it would be dumb to sell access to the partnerships for 1000s of bucks. Who hasn't provided releveant means of getting in new player before and who's primarily interested in affiliate revenure is not a suitable affiliate partner.

    Another fact is, that affiliate partnerships in EU are prone to abuse: EU resident players become affiliates, their resident player friends register new accounts via referral links and including affiliate revenues try to achieve 100+% return rate.
  14. Wistrel

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    I gotta admin I'm 100% with @NotAdmin on this one. Affiliate links are at best a "nice to have" I imagine and will likely never be worth 1k+ USD. You'll never see a return on that expenditure. The pets are, in my view, not worth it. I gotta admit I'm no expert on buffs in game but they all seem not worth it. It's all fractions of edges on fractions of edges and would be impossible to ever really evaluate the differences of with and without. Stuff like a modfap has a very clear advantage, a pet that heals you a bit, if you buy it or tame it and then train it for megaPEDs in reality is just folks spending money on stuff for the sake of spending money on stuff. At least in my view.

    But this all said, I'd be the first to say I don't know what I'm talking about. I regularly see players with a list of buffs over their head a mile long and I wonder why... so maybe there is something in it? I've got a few freebies myself to try some time, but they last an hour and I'm never feeling like hunting for an hour so I never use them.... one day will get round to it. The durability enhancers are quite handy though if you have an L item.

    As for pet's the only real purpose I can see in them is the "look at my thing" purpose, and they cost too much for what that is worth really. The fact that people give them away these days says it all.
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  15. NotAdmin

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    My earlier reply is my summary of the video author's points. I know nothing about in-game pets. He did state MA could choose to release a ridiculously advantageous pet, but that's where the other quote: "They're not gonna wreck their game" came from (basically him guessing the pets would likely mostly be cosmetic, or offering limited use, and thus not worth the 1.2k USD price tag).
  16. Wistrel

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    Yeh I can't see the pet release being anything especially useful. At best it will be "slightly better" TM than some of the other buffs in game. Also I bet the pet will cost a lot to train/feed to get it to the required level where said buff is unlocked. In other words it will be like the mini land areas associated with CLDs... i.e. not worth shit unless you invest moah moneh* first.


    * where moah moneh = way too much given the resulting gameplay "enjoyment" level or returns
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