One Tip for New Players?

Discussion in 'Tutorials & guides' started by Meg, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    If you were going to give one suggestion to a newbie, what would it be?
  2. Patience :)


    Cause I know one day I will beat the shit out of some uber!

    Please don't ruin my dream, its all I have left to hold on too :)
  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

    1. What she said x3
    This is a long term game, I have been playing for over 3 years now and am still learning things every day. Those were 3 years of careful daily study.

    2. Don't rush into anything, enjoy where you are.

    3. Every aspect of the game is fun with the right mindset.

    4. Understand that you won't get rich here, it is a game we pay to play. The real money aspect just makes it 'feel' more real to us, and gets us more emotionally attached.

    5. Because the developers need their pay, the only way to make it here is through a regular deposit schedule, OR by careful planning of your activities to maximize the markup you gain from other players while minimizing the markup you pay other players. Planning your play style around your budget is key to enjoying the game. (MU = markup, the price over the base game value something is sold p2p for)

    fyi, I'm too stupid to count to 1.

  4. red


    red's rule: have patience, do proper research, and maintain a realistic budget.
    corollary: avoid touts and do not chase the winds for global or hall of fame swirls as coloured lights can hypnotize.
  5. Be aware of this forum.

    I have mentioned the forum to newbies in-game and they didn't seem to know about it. Same is true in other games, players come in to play the game and don't know about the forum.

    After this forum they should be aware of the forums/websites/wikis for EU and for other planets - lots of useful information.
  6. i always teach new players one thing.

    All things that give you a TT payback in game cost more to do the activity than the average payback. Profit is made through markup on the tt value of the items you get back. So when you hunt make sure you sell what you loot. If you craft same thing. Without markup to other players you will just loose non stop slowly but surely.
  7. This is EU, NOT WoW or some other mmorpg, forget everything you learned there. Learn everything about EU from the beginning.
  8. This is an RCE, and because of that it behaves more like a foreign country. If you visit a foreign country in RL you can either bring money from your home country or you can go on a "working vacation"(where you spend a couple months working in another country). The same basic principles apply here, you can come for entertainment, and spend your own money via deposit, or you can find a job to do here. If you can find a job here then your deposits will go a lot further, and sometimes even turn into withdrawals.
  9. Tom


    Add to being patient and informed, learn to make friends because Next Island I believe tops all the other worlds in the quality of people who are fun, willing to invite new people to team events (hunting/mining/racing/exploring). We are a community.
  10. Join a good society. Direction and advice from older players is invaluable, and friends make the game fun!
  11. I fixed it for you :)
  12. LordLongLicious

    LordLongLicious Do you fear death?

    Sweat in groups, its much faster and you will make valuable friendship ingame, and dont be afraid of asking other new players to join a team - you also learn the game much faster.
  13. I've played for about a week now, and if I was going to throw out words of wisdom to the total newbie, it would be "Go swimming! Water is your friend". Monsters cant swim so you will take some damage for a little while, but they will eventually drown. So, as a starting sweat avatar with no weapon, drowning them is great after they run out of sweat to take. You can stay alive that way trying to complete the Find Franks Friends mission instead of trying to run across land and get mobbed by yellow papoos (To which I refer to as The Evil Yellow "Poopoos"). Gather 3000 sweat, sell it to another avatar for 15PED buy a weapon and continue to sweat the monster until they are out then you kill them. Rinse, repeat. Check out the Auction House for newbie gear too. Buy from Next Island only and look for pieces of Pixie armor (It looks like yellow Storm Trooper armor). Each piece in the AH costs about 1-3PED right now. Even if you deposit, I'd still suggest going the sweat route so that you can build up some stats for defense. I started out as a $10 depositor and I have probably gathered 6-7k sweat so far.
  14. Thanks for great advice! Im new in Next Island since yesterday and feel lost. Good to hear I need a lot of patience. I was beginning to think I was daft ;) I have only been active in virtual worlds like OsGrid and inWorldz before. quite different from this.... I have to try it out for a while before i invest any money into this. Sad they dont take paypal though.. I hate my outfit :]
  15. Welcome Mera. There are a friendly people round here and in game who will answer questions, just ask.

    Also you can apparently pay by PayPal, through PayByCash, though there are fees.
  16. Rebook. :monkey:
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