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Discussion in 'Planet Cyrene' started by yasic, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. In regards to other planets: are we going to use the same avatar on all (or most) of the different planets, or must we make a new one each time.

    Will our skills and account balances transfer over to the other planets, or will we all have to restart from scratch?

    Does anybody know or suspect on these issues?
  2. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    there are some very nice interviews here with some of the planetpartners (If you look under EntropiaPlanets - News) - which might tell you more about this.

    But I am 99,99% sure we have the same avatars and will be travelling between planets! Otherwise people might as well just join new games if they had to start all over everytime they go to a new place.

    But I don't really know :shots:
  3. Will be able to transfer avatars but have to pay a fee to MindArk for the transportation and it might take up to a day or more. Thats what I got out of some recent interviews.

    Skills and gear should transfer but maybe new planet has other skills
  4. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk Entropian Philosopher

    Same avatar, same account balance. Same items and skills on most... :afro:
  5. In that case...they will have to do something about travel between Planets in a "realistic" kinda way. :disgust:

    Piloting could become a even more serious proffesion and stimulates the economy and tourism. :grouphug:

    Protocols for atire/and gear change implemented at destinations arrivals.

    Therefore a need also for "virtual Customs services". :thumbup:

    Modern clothing, weaoponry, etc. cannot for example be taken beyond into planet post Moderna. Same thing would ofc apply to Creative Kingdom and the rest.

    Interplanetary Virtual Transport is still open for discussion
    and Mindark should take note.:shock:

    MA knows I had a soc full of pilots before my ban. I may be banned for stupidity on my part, yet dont see stupidity as a crime. Extreme action is therefore unwarranted.:bduh:
  6. The last thing I had read about going to Neverdie's planet was that they want their own economy separate from EU. So the avatar would go with skills to next planet and equipment would have to be bought on next planet and stay on next planet.

  7. Yeah...but still....transport should still properly be implimented. easy accesable for players on any planet and affordeable. Why not expand and tweak a trusted, proven and tested system like the original Hangar/Pilot system?:dunno:
  8. Not that it matters to me since I wont go there, but that sounds like Next Island will be even more useless if that is true
  9. Natasza

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  10. :rofl:Realy funeh to read the above:lolup: youre too quick to nay-say:disgust:and underestimate ND`s fan-base size. :bowdown::sleep:
  11. Natasza

    Natasza Guest

  12. Well ....this doesnt sound too positive for the future of NI or CND for that matter comming from you:

    How can ND fix the economy of NI when it hasnt launched yet? Have I missed it? Then it could be too early to make such assumptions ofc. Takes time I am sure.
  13. 200people? I think I am overexhaggerating now also

  14. you kidding me right? How do you come by those numbers? estemation? Grabbed out of the air? sucked from your thumb?
    Cmon Knucks, I aint fooled LOL
  15. Natasza

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  16. Is that bad with the current virtual economy? And the near prospects that bleak? I am a little taken aback by this Nat.:openmouth:
  17. Natasza

    Natasza Guest

  18. Also gotta remember unique avatars globaling since MindArk introduced VU10 has gone down by 30-40% if not more:umn:
  19. NotAdmin

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    Just a few thoughts...

    ND is not running Next Island. David Post is. ND's studio is producing it, meaning it does the graphics, etc.

    The poll Nat refers to can hardly be called representative. It's an EP-only poll, meaning that the amount of people participating in it is a mere fraction of the total EU population, and I'm not even sure whether it's a representative cut of the population.

    I personally wouldn't mind checking out NI. Not sure on the items, I did not get from the interviews that we cannot take our Calypso items with us. What I got is that if you go to the stone age on NI, for insance, your gunswould not go with you. I expect they end up in a "future" storage. Most likely the items have been assigned some form of a year/date field, and when you travel, a check is made, and all items that are too new will just be transfered, much like transferring between QA1 and Saransk worked in AfterWorld. (All items would be removed from your avatar and end up in a storage vault).
  20. I know all this Pete, just fun seeing Knucks and Nat express their views.

    Does that aply to all items or are some items interuseable?
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