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    My question is, You had an extra week to test things, what happened then? And what do you mean by tweaking the stack size?
  2. My guess is that some incombatibility popped up when things went on the live server - and it seems from the wording that the max stack size of the paints is really low.

    But of course i'd prefer Meg's opinion on both those matters - plus the burning issue of the catwoman armor :D
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  4. It's enchanted maaaaaan. The water flies, yeah....

  5. lol yeah obviously its a feature since it hasn't been fixed yet. They just need to add some pink unicorns, purple dragons and chocolate bunnies. Damn now I got the munchies! Whoa............did you see that!
  6. Pink Unicorns that drop chocolate bunnies... heaven!
  7. my question with this whole content release has to be, that's it? Blueprints that use native materials kind of built in expectations that there would be more than one, and that it would make use of maybe more than one of the dozens of kinds of NI crystals, and more than just 8, 1 time. And more than just 1 quest.
  8. the First time NI released a Bp, it was the old version of the time travel crystal, with the obscene shopping list..... once it got going, new players were hunting the req. mobs to find the parts to sell.... it was a economy, small but it was working... then came the change to "fix" the problems, and now its a short list. Dont get me wrong AWESOME bp... due to the high success rate, and amount of residue they give.. But, it destroyed the system that was built, and new players were no able to sell those silly little items we get in loots.
    There are currently 2 New Bp's i discovered, and that was the whole release...... there is no book, they do not currently work as paint, the colorator <according to Kitten> was a success, the BP's need the same crystals.
    Choosing a uncommon to semi rare crystal was foolish in my opinion... paint should be common and easy to obtain.... papoo eyes or something more common would suit the players better.
    Communication is key ask Cyrus of ARKADIA, You can see and talk to the figureheads of that world. I see a lack of interest in the staff here to post any information, or have any real dialog, or interaction with their clients.
    There are still some good things about NI, but they are being drowned out.... and as far as Entropia in general, I am watching more and more good players quit, something positive needs to happen to retain more of the seasoned vet's, or the new players will have nobody to help them...
    -end of rant # 353342-
  9. Chuck, I agree, I have tried to keep spirits up here, but it's starting to feel like I am putting more energy into NI then the dev team. I know I have said before that NOR would continue but now I am putting a deadline on it, if their is no economy then the last NOR will be in Feb 2012.
  10. I totally agree with Chuck about the early economy of NI. It was small, but it was successful in my opinion. I was hunting island shark and broke even by selling shark blood, plus blade with 110~112% MU. What they should have done is fixing the TT value of the crystal to increase the success rate of "OLD BP", require the same materials, it would work much better than NOW.

    I like NI, that's why I sometimes still visit NI and hunt those lovely shark, best mobs for middle hunter like me. But the dev team seems that they do not recognize our real needs and wants.
  11. well at least one thing, Danburite doesn't seem to be so rare now. Before the update, I had found 1 Danburite in an ocean of other crystals, now since then, Danburite not impossible to get to drop from Wild Boars. I was skeptical to see that it had been changed to "Often" on the Entropedia wild boar loots chart, but it does feel more or less "often" now. At least they did adjust that part to go with the new content, or it seems to me like they did.

    Anyone do hunting in Ancient Greece to see about any Greek armor or weapon drops? I seem to have some ISP issues over the weekend that makes combat very iffy until I get out from under it, rifle randomly deciding if it wants to fire for a few seconds then FAIL FAIL FAIL, rinse repeat...while the continuous use thing spins but the cooldown bar freezes. Thus, combat with armor on is risky in my current connection condition, much less in a toga.

    Was it confirmed that the AG content happened, or was it a rumor?
  12. I made a brief visit to AG since the update, looked round Thebes, visited the TP's, killed a few Cyclops - I didn't find anything different, same drops, same items on sale from the trade NPC's, same responses from the other NPC's.

    Not an exhaustive search but it looks like this update contained just what Meg said it did. :(

    Update, rather than adding a new post:Been in since this morning's mini-update and no sign of the Elysian Artistic Patterns blueprint book or Sandy
  13. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    There was no Ancient Greece content planned in this release, I don't know where you heard that!

    Release notes are here for what was in the release Next Island Content Release Notes | Next Island Dev Blog BUT as of this morning the Elysian Artistic Patterns Blueprint Book is still not available.
  14. Nobody said anything Meg.

    But some people noticed there was a 150MB download for Ancient Greece in this update, and that made us think there was actually something in that download.
  15. Actually Agis mentioned the armor here :read: The way it was written it looked like he had gotten the info from a content release.

  16. so will there still be an NI update next week along with the Calypso and Arkadia update? Hard to believe (actually not) that it took this long and all that waiting for a couple of BPs for texture/paint, a new tool and a couple of missions. Is there more in store?

    I mean come on... compared to other planet partners, NI updates are severely lacking. Soon Cyrene will be released and that is yet another planet NI will have to compete with. If things dont get better this planet will slowly fade away.
  17. I would like confirmation on whether or not the Optimus Prime Helmet BP's are available as stated in the Oct. 4th release notes....

  18. hmm, well the last patch had the paint bp, and no book or working paint. we had no official info given.... a tweet or developer's blog does not count.... THIS SITE IS THE OFFICIAL WORD OF NI.... so why do we not hear anything? and now once again, after being stated that there would be a fix to the paint and a book.... there is nothing... how can we trust you guys anymore? why should we trust you? is this going to become a viable planet? or is this where Cyrene will sit in space?
  19. nope the npc still gone
  20. Seems their development team has gone thru changes......Looks like now Meg is Game Content Designer instead of Social Media Director. Seems that change took place this month.
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