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  1. Information posted on Facebook:

    Known issue: This morning's patch did not place the Elysian Artistic Patterns blueprint book on the technicians. We're looking into it why right now. Thanks for your patience.

    It would be nice if this information could also be posted on this forum. I would rather get my info here than on FB.
  2. so really, the content contained one new tool and a quest that took a few minutes to complete if you had the materials in your storage, and a missing book to hold the new 1 or 2 prints, and a can of paint no one can use. And a robot helmet that is completely out of game context. And it was all delivered pretty much non-functional. No one tests this stuff at all?

    That was the big long awaited NI content release? That's just sad. NI is a scenic, lovely game reserve and not a planet that can sustain a playerbase. People will leave, and since it now takes 2 hours to get to Calypso in a Sleipnir instead of a half hour, people will probably not travel back and forth much, they will just not come back.

    So in 6 months or so when the next big content release is teased then patched, we can expect a quest that one time, asks you for 8 dung, 8 Lepidocrosite crystals and 8 generic leather, and gives a blueprint for a pretty hat. With a Hot Wheels logo on it. And like this content release, the quest won't work and the print won't exist and the npc will spawn under the ground someplace, and it will take a month to fix it, so we can all have a pretty Hot Wheels logo hat. That'll be special. Oh and a new NI version of the vehicle integrity repair tool, shaped like a Papoo.

    Corey is holding races monthly and that's the biggest deal on the planet. Apparently not forever though. Whoever runs Next Island needs to hire him. I'd make it a really attractive offer too.

    I'm having fun on NI, not from quest content or useless native materials, but by working to gather data for posting on Entropedia. I have made that my pseudo-quest and assigned it to myself for lack of much else to do besides hunt and dig. I've decided I'm an actual 2nd Wave scientist and that research is fun.

    Maybe now that I've seen Calypso, where every teleport has someone asking you to do something, is making me jaded. How hard could it be, to drop a generic npc in say, the very lovely and completely deserted Serpentine Village, asking people to protect their food supply from...the Wild Boars who are eating all the Papplon. And you make it like the 250x4 papoo missions and give a skill reward. There. In less that 5 minutes, I have written new quest content, and how long could it POSSIBLY TAKE to use the existing npc models and type new text in the interaction window and paste it to the npc's forehead and drop him into Serpentine Village, and patch it....tomorrow. Not 4 months from now and non-working. Within the week. Oddly he would look just like Fryodor. Call him...Cryodor.

    How hard can it be. I know I'm no software engineer, but these are existing planet assets just like Fryodor, Mary and Samuel, that just need to be given a new set of dialogue trees and dropped in.

    And why have hundreds of tropical estates that no one can rent. Any ped rolling in from all those empty huts? You could house every player that stepped on NI, give a deed to every new noob that stumbles off Crystal Arrival, give em a homeowner quest and once they get established, they could start paying the 1 ped a month I see everywhere on every estate sign. Bet they'd start crafting furniture to decorate too. Maybe some prints besides the Pall Stool might be in order. One limit, the NI furniture line must call for nothing but papoo parts and crystals.

    How much income is rolling in from those empty estates? That dot the landscape of every part of Next Island. Vacant. Not much.
  3. Actually one of the few times we were notified here instead of someone coping and pasting

    Welcome to the club of all of us that are fed up :brick:
  4. How did I miss that post? :palm:
    Thanks Meg
  5. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Our blueprint book is implemented and is in the right place on our test build, we're not sure why it wasn't published for you in the patch yesterday, but as soon as Mindark can publish it, it will be live for you.
  6. That sucks Meg I bet your as frustrated with MA not getting the book in as we are I sooooooooooo want to make some stacks of that new paint I even hunted sooooo much wild boar for those needed crystals I have almost 200 of them saved up now XD I am going to be first to have a clothes or a vehicle in the new colors! I am soooooo curious what the new blue will look like O.O Any chance of a screen shot of the new paint so we can look at it and paw the screen?
  7. Was it there before or did you just add it?

    These two statements sound conflicting. Was it there before and wasn't added to the patch. Or it wasn't there to start with and that is why it wasn't added to the patch.

    BTW can you elaborate on your new title of "Game Content Designer" and what your responsibilities are?
  8. Sr Torz Man

    Sr Torz Man Freelanser

    I've been thinking a lot about this planet and those that will be launched.

    Now, if the arrangement is that each planet must be profitable so it is the least requested that the planet owners have a dialogue with their customers / players.
    Do not understand how you might think that customers will come back to a company that provides information, support or even care on to answer simple questions.

    The entrepreneurs who believe that this work will never succeed in their businesses.

    Then if each planet owners should get us players to visit or stay on their planet, there must be something that attracts players. The planet owners who succeed will get a good and stable economy. As it is here right now so there is not much of it.

    I as a customer / player wants to get something out of the game that I pay for, otherwise there is no reason to be here or play.

    There are sure more things to discuss and improve so that it becomes something of this beautiful planet, why not start with an open dialogue between the planet owners and Players? Like David Dobson CEO in Arkadia.

  9. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    The Elysian Artistic Patterns blueprint book is for sale on the Technicians in the test build, it's been there and been working smoothly since before Tuesday's patch. I am not sure why it wasn't published when we expected, but we expect Mindark to be able to publish it shortly.
  10. Thanks for the feedback :) That's all it takes for my mood swing to go down a notch.

    Although you didn't answer the other question.

  11. Congrats Meg, hopefully you'll get some traction where all other's have failed. Since you have been interacting with the community Im sure you clearly know what we expect and need. Is it too much to ask for a genuinely good update with some actual content that will move this planet forward?

  12. And how about putting up some Land for sale to the player base. If yall arent gonna create events, or entice people to come to NI, might as well let us players do it. If you think about it, you make money selling the land, you make money on the income the landowner can and will generate (anything will be more then what you probably pull in now.) Basically free advertising and marketing to help get the economy and playerbase growing.
  13. They fixed the land markers yet?
  14. i just went back to NI and i can't honestly say that much has changed at all in a year...
    the only thing that has changed is that the planet has no economy... in 2 days i have seen four people, and they were all desperatly looking for someone who could take them away from NI... (my quad got spammed with guest invite requests from the 4 guys... that was quite annoying)

    i loved NI, but now it seems to be a planet that has gone from dead to deader.... i havent seen a single person today
  15. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    The blueprint book "Elysian Artistic Patterns" can now be purchased from technicians.

    I'm flattered, guys, and I'm really pleased to be more of a developer, but I'm afraid you're overestimating my powers and importance!
  16. Officer: Whatcha doin?
    Citizen: Chewin Chocolate.
    Officer: Where'd ya get it?
    Citizen: Unicorn Dropped it.
    Officer: *sigh* ... Carry on.
  17. This whole story sounds to me like Mindark dropped the ball and Next Island for whatever reason can't or won't say it.
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