PCF: What am I missing?

Discussion in 'Entropia Community' started by JohnCapital, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. May have to ban you for necro, I mean is that against the rules to? Haha well stated the prophet
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  2. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Welcome to the club, Prophet!

    I love Obersturmbannfuehrer Serica from the Reichsamt for censorship the same way you do ;-)
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  3. I think this needs to be seen, its time for this to be made public... Serica on the last meeting with MA - on people who tell the truth on that other forum;

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  4. Jamira

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  5. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    For the record, I'm not banned on PCF and view it daily.. I don't participate in it as much as I did years ago but I'm not in the market to buy anything in their threads anyway.
    I have accounts on all the boards except Rock.. not too interested in that planet.
  6. ah, what the hell, here's a bump for what I find to be one of the 'most real' threads in all of the entire history of Entropia Universe... Happy reading to those that haven't visited this little gold mine yet.
  7. Liu


    There gare real dickheads participating to this thread, God!
    Politeness never killed anyone !

    But thanks for the read.
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  8. San


    Thanks to the bump, catching up with a few details I had never ever bothered not knowing. What do I do with this knowledge, who is who and what stains do they have on their vests? So PCF is owned by MA. Which means it is a platform to reach out to them and let them hear things with the help of a little public exposure, which a support case can't do since they never communicate (anymore) like the planet partners do (with this "community" I don't even blame them for it, but that's another topic). Talking to MA is the only purpose why I am there. If you run into the forum bloodhounds, you know you've hit a nerve. It's only the funnier knowing they aren't even paid for it. (No offense to OP, I've been registered for a long time but haven't started saying a word until much later so we probably never crossed paths and I have no part in the commenting where JC was affected either.)
  9. Banned again by Serica. Banned for making a bloody tutorial... Their site admin contact is broken too so I can't even contact 711 to ask why the ban is 6 months long for such a minor thing. Yet they leave my thread up still lmfao.

    I FILLED the linked portion on their site with my affiliate link and website link, so I still got way more ads then initially if they didn't ban me.

    So silly, wanna contact 711 for me? he's missing out on more guide content on the forums
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  10. Nobody cares if you got banned on the other forum and you know that.
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  11. Don't expect anyone to care, just posting my distaste for the situation and hoping to maybe find a way to contact the site to get the ban removed so I can sell my plot and post my next tutorial, it will get lots of noobs all the free stuff on RT, then Arkadia. The more free content the new players experience the less likely they are to quit.
  12. San


    Nobody is a charity... not to say this was a bad thing.

    Are you saying you cannot use the "Contact us" link in the footer? I have contacted an admin for someone else recently, but this was at the height of the spam wave and they were buried.
  13. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Serica does seem rather "heavy handed" for want of a better phrase - judging from the amount of complaints about her at least anyhow
  14. I'm no fan of PCF, and decided I couldn't continue there with the rules and the way the rules are enforced, so I left.
    You choose to go there, agree with the rules as set out when you log in, then break the rules, and come here looking for someone to help you get in touch with Neo to try and weasel your way back?? :rolleyes (2):
    And your reasoning for re-instatement is all the great content he'll be missing??? :laugh::laugh::laugh:

    You are truly delusional.
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  15. haha you're a funny bunch of people i love you all! :loveshower:
  16. No that's no reason to reinstate me, i'm just saying why I want to go back so I don't seem delusional for wanting to be unbanned there. haha
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