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  1. [​IMG] is a website that helps you earn PED to fund your time in Entropia Universe. Earning PED is simple, easy, and more important 100% free. You can use while playing Entropia Universe or any time at all.

    I am here to help make it easier to earn PED and play Entropia Universe without depositing. Many users who start the game do not deposit for at least 2 months, and many more quit before that. Hopefully my service will help more people stick around as they will have more PED to play with and waste less time sweating.

    You can Earn PED on by

    Watching Videos from our Video Provider Virool. Each Video pays 8 PEC when you watch at least 30 seconds of the video. Video's are provided by

    Clicking Advertisements provided by Each advertisement pays based on how long you have to view it. Between 1 PEC and 1 PED. The average Pay to Click advertisement pays 10-15 PEC. You can purchase advertising through the website for members to see your Advertisement, great for any Entropia Services.

    Completing Tasks from the top crowd sourcing platform on the internet, Sign up for an account on Crowdflower to earn more, higher paying tasks and keep track of every task you complete. The more tasks you do while signed in, the more you are provided with and the more you are paid per task! Tasks are provided by

    Filling Surveys from the most trusted survey provider: PeanutLabs. Just like Crowdflower, the more surveys you complete the more surveys you are offered with (with higher payout then normal surveys). Unlike other survey providers, PeanutLabs offers legitimate surveys that pay every time, on time. All surveys are provided by

    Product Offers given by and occasionally from, all offers are prescreened to ensure their quality by the site admin, however is not responsible for, nor has any affiliation with any offers provided by

    How to withdrawal your earnings.

    Guaranteed Withdrawal Times provided by the website. Meet at a predetermined destination at a predetermined time to receive your PED at that time. These times are posted up to a week in advance to make it easy for you to meet us at our destination.

    Anytime Withdrawals our representatives will be looking for any Avatars who have requested a withdrawal through the site. We will occasionally add you from the player register to our friend list and try to find you ourselves. Alternatively you may add our representatives to your friends list and if you see one online you may contact them yourself for an anytime withdrawal.

    Questions? I will gladly answer any questions or concerns you have with my service.
  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    About the withdrawal times.... I'm actually sort of wanting to withdraw at the moment but I'm thinking its only possible if I stay up "till tomorrow". For me, the Calypso withdraw is once a week 12-1am. Is there no way this can be improved? I don't mean 24/7 or anything daft but "once a week in the middle of the night" is a "little" lacking I'm sure most would agree.


    PS the site revamp looks nice (aside from the hard to read narrow font [which LOOKS nice but is hard to read]) who was your designer/artist?
  3. I had my site designed by seraphdesigns

    You can have a withdrawal anytime you see someone on the zopim chat, or if you see Sir Tharum or myself (Thaddeus Rusty Venture) online you can ask one of us for a withdrawal as well.

    We are however working on a better withdrawal system that will be coming out shortly and streamline this process.
  4. Is this site still active? No posts about it lately
  5. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Not sure but I think that guy was trying to sell the site.
  6. dalewj

    dalewj StoryTeller/Nerd/Gamer

    Marcus Russiafreak233 Lucius bought it and is going to start it up again. I think he just like JUST bought it.
  7. seems scammy to me... but got to say some of the youtube videos advertising the site are some of the dumbest and silliest I've seen out there. Too bad Mindark itself isn't trying to sell Entropia to the general public as hard, lol.
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  8. In the end, ped2click just fits perfect into this "universe"...
  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I think its been a bit forgotten for a while. A bit like Virtual Tycoon ;) Be interested to see what happens with the sale. Hopefully it can be more like EntropiaPartners

  10. I hope it will be better than entropia partners...maybe have new features like "buy referrals" or something
  11. Site is still up btw, just being ran by someone else atm for me. It has also not been sold he is just managing it, and doing a decent job. :)
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  12. This never happend and was never even a discussion, very sketchy to read this.

    Currently the domain was kidnapped by a chinese site after I forgot to renew it.
    I want to start up a site like this but am waiting for MA to give me ped certificates (it's been a 8 year struggle to get some)
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