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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Phunkygeeza, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Well, inspired by slarty's new blog I thought I'd have a go myself.
    Just a short entry to get things going... Things are great on the forum and going from strength to strength. When I first took over I thought that it would go downhill - all the members seemed to have deserted the site, there were lots of good EU sites popping up -between one thing and another I thought I was wasting my money but I couldn't bear to see it go without trying.

    Now last month we had nearly 500k page views, and this month is looking to be even better. Members are starting to subscribe and donate (Thanks to all that have!) and all the usual suspects are mucking in to help out, making the place look better and better.

    EU wise, not so good. I'm a bit disillusioned at the moment and therfore taking a short break from playing. The latest VU hasn't done much to inspire me yet and running out of PED doesn't help.

    Perhaps another round of helping new members, recruiting etc may help? I don't know -we'll see.

    Well that will do for now. See you folks her or ingame soon :)
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  2. 2007-06-20 Disillusioned but recovering

    Hey all,

    RL has been pretty interesting lately, work is throwing up some nice technical challenges so I've been kept interested.
    Still not been playing EU much, sorry for missing out on the weekend but I think I'll get online again soon. I can feel the itch.

    The forum is ticking along nicely. If only I could work out a way to stop the spammers registering I'd be much happier. I thought about trying to ban all .ru email addresses but it both seems harsh, and I can't find a way to do it easily :(

    Happy to see some new members popping up without too much prompting. I haven't done much in the waay of promotion lately but all the same things seem good.

    Perhaps I should start up an event to get me interested again? Watch this space...
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  3. Back playing this weekend - took a small trip up to New Swizerland with some of the soc. Nice to see Man of Honour's whole family are in EU now, as I started the run with buck nugget.

    Although the terrain is interesting the run path itself is rather boring, with not many mobs enroute. I must explore around there more.
    A shock is that I have lasted a whole month and I still have half my budget left! A sure sign of not playing much ;)

    ...adn then a small global - I guess MA have missed me :D :p :D

    Forum wise things are going great. The spambot is finally in the can and everyone is pulling together to make the place nice and comfy. I must look to doing an event soon, so after the summer lull we can get things really cooking.
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  4. Having missed out on the society hunt this weekend I think Red and I are going in to attack again.
    Haven't been blogging much because I have got a little diverted by my mission to skill up BLP, and researching various things about skills.

    I guess it made me realise that after years I still have a lot to learn about this game. It's great to be a user of something that has so much continuous value -especially in these days of disposable lifestyle and short attention spans.

    The forum is just great at the moment. Even over the quiet of summer we are sustaining a nice rate of hits. Ok, so yeah the spambots are causing a fair few hits, but just lately we've seen the hits fall, and the visit go up which suggests more real people -and that's good.

    I've got to admit I'm a little dissapointed at not yet finding some 'staff' to help out (not talking about the great people that already help already! thanks to you all!), I thought someone would get excited about reporting and promoting and go write some nice articles like we see on EF to bring in more attention. Shame Ben dropped away really -I still wonder (and worry) about what became of him - because he WAS exicited and had great ideas and concepts.
    Maybe I should just bite the bullet and do these things myself?

    Ah well - we'll see what happens when EU hots up again after summer.

    Thanks for listening...
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  5. A few things have occurred in 2008 which have prompted me to add to my 'quite slow' blog, so here I am again.

    Firstly, I had to renew the license for the software for EU Chronicle. This is a kind of anniversary because it's the point last year that I was really serious about taking on ownership of the site from Itto, and I got stuck into the work to make it happen. I look back now and EuC is such a part of my life that Its hard to believe that only a year ago I just played EU and logged onto this forum once or twice to post to friends.
    It also means that the 'real' anniversary is not far away - some time toward the end of February, but for simplicity I'll probably have a little CND party around 1st March.

    Secondly, various other bits are happening in the available software that I'm eager to get in soon, so we get lots of loverly features. It seems that forum software is moving toward social networking, which is interesting.
    Personally I gave up on social networking sites such as myspace (I never got into facebook), I think they have limited appeal, wheras gaming forums - if you stick to a game - are always a nice 'hub' of activity around a common interest - rather than trying to somehow cater for and map every possible human interest which is too sprawling and difficult to digest for me.
    I think we just need some better events features to help with NOTM, POTM, and some nice stuff to integrate more with the game, around globals, events, articles, news etc.

    Thirdly my BLP mission moves along and my new pistol is reaching the end of it's life - so I'm getting a real feel for how slowly skills develop in the game, and I suppose how little I actually play. I've been concentrating on hunting quite a lot, but also had a few goes at crafting again; and quickly got reminded how bad it can be if you have a lot of misses :(

    Finally, lots is happening in Job and RL and I'm constantly reminded of the importance of ensuring I get to enjoy the best things in life - my family, friends and hobbies like EU. Other thigns like our (still a little incomplete) house are kinda on hold until springtime again.

    Well that's the update in my world.. thanks again for listening
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  6. A long time since I've put in a blog entry - and this time I'm not going to waffle on about the forum an how it's doing - I think you all know things are pretty quiet, and the anti-climax of VU10 hasn't kicked things into action like I hoped they would.

    But, I do have a specific tale of a dream I had last night - a strangely Entropia themed dream...

    It seems I was somewhere unfamiliar, but I had friends around me that had the feeling of people I know from the game - but of course somehow more real.

    Suddenly things were a bit strange - the sky darkened, and the landscape wobbled and shifted like a heat haze on a desert. With a thump disproportionately small to it's mass, a Black Orb appeared.

    We investigated it, and unlike the real orbs of EU we were suddenly pulled into a swirling vortex.. We emerged into a different place, where we set about exploring.

    I can't remember much more, and soon I was awaking to a hotel television beeping incessantly, without the remote control in sight. A desperate scramble later and I was fully awake.

    :confused: :loco:

    I don't recall this happening to me before, even when I would play EU for hours on end. I do wonder, like many trying to interpret their dreams, if there was a particular significance or not. I don't think so on reflection but I liked the fact that it made me somehow feel closer to the people I know from teh game, even if we are all a little more absent that usual.
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