Planet Arkadia: Planet Arkadia: A Year In Review

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  1. Normandie Radio is honored to sit down with David Dobson for an in-depth discussion about Arkadia's spectacular first year! As we all know, many changes, additions and improvements have been implemented over the past year and Arkadia Studios is to be commended for their hard work and diligence. No doubt Dave will have much to say about Arkadia’s progress to date, but in this interview we are going back to the beginning.

    From Conception and Launch to Treasure Hunting and Instances…We are going to get the FULL story.

    Saturday August 25th

    1600 MA Time

    Normandie Radio HQ ~ Sanctuary Cove ~ Building 5 Level 3

    Listen Live:
    External Media Players:

    This interview will be less of a Q&A session and more of a friendly get-together. Please feel free to submit any topics you would like discussed during the interview or any ideas you may have and we will do our best to incorporate them. Our discussions with Dave will be recorded and posted to this forum.
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    Was the interview posted here yet? I was away I think
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