Planet Calypso – An Introduction to an Alien World

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  1. Tass

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    Narfi wrote a great introductionary article about Planet Calypso for

    Read the whole article::

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  2. If they are advertising this I don't know what to make of it the pp model pic some things need tight lips but.
    Here is what should have happened they should have gave the planet making system to the players a bit like second life over 10 years of EU and mindark things should have changed they could have done things differently its always been about minark and their pockets.
  3. Great Read Narfi!
  4. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Nice work Narf :thumbsup:
  5. GeorgeSkywalker

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    overall good article

    This bit however is inaccurate and misleading. I'm level 100 hit and 98 damage and use L equipment. It's quite affordable and I need no more of a bank roll than when I was mid level player. A redeemer costs 105% markup during events and outside events I am able to get for around 101% or I can try and loot one myself.

    I don't need a strong knowledge of market or economy fluctuations to use that equipment either.

    Also there is a point in skilling up, which is to be more efficient, reduce cost to play and more opportunities in what you can do. From reading the above this it not clear.
  6. Great article by narfi and some good points by GS as well. I'm still at mid-level and verging on getting towards the lower end of higher level mainly in hunting, and it's true the more skills you get the more efficient you get, so the overall costs shouldn't increase that much as higher-level doesn't mean you have to use high-level weapons and armour. For instance, after the first three months or so of playing, it took me 4-5 hits with an amped Breer P4A to kill an exo mature, now I can do the same mob with an un-amped Opalo in two shots if not too many miss-hits and evades get in...
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